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question about smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JakeGetsBaked, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Well hi? Some info about me.

    I am 19 years old, soon to be 20. I have been working full time since I have been out of highschool, and have had a 1 bedroom apartment for 12 months on the 11th.

    Well now I have gotten tired of working mindlessly making 9 bucks an hour, and I am moving back to my parents house to go to college, to get some kind of degree.

    My question is, if I am vaping in my room with a myrtle zap vaporizer, will burning incense mask the smell?
  2. I heard vape's dont exert to much of a smell to begin with?

    If this is true, incense should work fine.
  3. ya I'm just curious what others have experienced with this method. My parents know I smoke and am not going to stop, they just don't want the upstairs smelling like bud lol.
  4. I know this might sound dumb but do they know what cannabis smells like?
  5. I think they may have a vague idea when it is present, but not familiar at all. They don't like the smell lol
  6. If they cannot register the smell they might not even know.
  7. I would just smoke in the backyard. or take the bag outside.
  8. Tell them you'll live in the garage. Live in the garage and smoke all day! Problem solved Jake?

  9. Haha funny thing is I am using my mflb right now in my room, and there's no smell! :) and I don't think my zap was smelling either, my fan blows any smell away.

  10. Then there is your answer. :wave:
  11. Just get one of those plug it in things or that type of open air freshener. That will easily mask the smell.
  12. ya i vaped today and my mom walked in like 10 minutes after, and had no clue lol

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