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  1. I was just reading the wikipedia grow guide and from what i saw to get sinsemilla you dont pollinate a female plant and there for in doesnt make seeds and it said that it will give it higher THC content. Is it true that is you don't pollate a female plant it will have higher THC and be considered sinsemilla?
  2. Lol i cant really comprehend what your trying to say but heres my knowledge on sinsemilla. Sinsemilla is a plant that has not been pollinated. During later stages of flowering, the female tries its hardest to attract pollen by creating more resin. For this reason males are not wanted if growing sinsemilla plants. Remove the male plant as soon as you can distinguish it from the female. I would recommend not pollinating your plants because it does lower the potency of your plant. If you wish to continue a strain then you may either clone or pollinate ONE of your females.

    Clones are complicated but you are gauranteed a female because it has the exact same dna as the mother plant.

    If you pollinate your female, you sacrifice thc to produce seeds. But then you can have an endless supply of that strain...

    Its up to you if you wish to pollinate or not.
  3. Very nice explination, also I recommend cloning but first you have to do a little research or talk to someone who knows what they are doing to successfully clone a female plant. I myself clone because its easier in the long run and easier than dealing with seeds and I only have one spot to grow in my house, I cant leave a male without pollinating all the females.
  4. male pollen may be collected and used carefully on one female. I think you have to bag the balls and then put the ball-bag upside down over one bud and shake...

    This will make the polle spread in the bud and voila, you get yourself seeds from one, and one only bud. This way you still get sensi and seeds.

    DOnt know how to do it exactly but its doable some way like is said..

    hope helps
  5. odoylerules1021,
    Anything that you read on you can take to the bank. I used that web site many times to write papers for my college classes. It is a great site, very informative and I have it book marked under my favorites. They even have a little section on growing with LED lights which I plan to start a thread on soon because I have a friend that has a patent pending on an LED grow light.
  6. Let's have a link to that LED gowing section :)

    I found a great site overseas that sell LEDs. I built several IR illuminators for my night-vision enabled security cameras with LEDs and they run off of batteries that recharge via solar panels buring the day. I figure I can build similar light panels out of blue/white and red LEDs and hook them up to solar panels too. No more power bill.

  7. My pleasure.

    Check a little ways down the page for LED cultivation. Short section but, there nonetheless. Like I mentioned, I have a buddy that has a patent pending on some LED lights. He claims they grow his plants nice. I have seen pictures and he is right.
  8. Last year I pollinated just ONE branch on two of my females. I had a male which I kept small by keeping him in a small pot. I shook him into a couple of plastic bags then tied them for a day around two branches.
    The rest of the female plants´ branches were unaffected, they smoked great, but I got a stack of White Widow seeds.
  9. Actually can be brushed onto as little as one flower on a female, if done right will leave all other flowers on that plant sensi.
  10. Ooooh, I would like to hear more about the LED experiment growing. :)

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