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  1. hey well i have another thread up about my trip last night. wicked intense. but i have a question about the more physical aspects of shrooms that im curious about and maybe you guys know.. i know i dont... haha

    ok well last night was my first time tripping at night. i had some VERY strong shrooms and underestimated them. i dosed and tripped harder then i wanted. well from time to time i get a "bad high" (rare occasion but it happens from time to time) so i just crawl up to bed or up on the couch and nap. well i wasnt having a bad trip but i just wanted to get it over with. so i figured id just crawl upstairs to bed and sleep it off and deal with lucid dreams of whatever might happen while sleeping while tripping.

    well my friends had once told me that if you pop some melatonin it reverses the trip. so i figured id try that then go to bed. well asi got upstairs i realized no matter what its impossible to sleep while tripping. the melatonin just made me wicked tired and i kept trying to fall asleep but couldnt. id just close my eyes and my mind would wander to all sides of the universe. time stopped becoming an object and the trip kept comming on harder and harder. it eventually peaked and i came down about 3.5 hours after i dosed. i could tell i was coming down because things were starting to make sense again.

    id close my eyes and just trip for 20 mins and sort of think i was somehwer inbetween a dream and a trip.

    so my question is, is it physically impossible to sleep while tripping? and has anyone else herd of reverssing trips? i know tripping is a severe drop in saratonin to the brain and i know saratonin is closley related to sleep somehow

    i figured id post this as a sepereate thread because it was not quite tied into my trip report.
  2. nothing? i really want so see what people have to say
  3. I know Benzo's stop a trip. Those could work for ya.
  4. valiums will kill it.
  5. I would think that it's virtually impossible to sleep while tripping. I know that the first time I tried MDA (that drug they used to sell over the counter at bars in the late 70's... the original drug from which MDMA is derived), I was at a party in San Francisco and getting ready to catch a ride home to Sacramento with a friend when I got a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it was another friend who told me to open my mouth... which I did and he threw some sort of capsule in it and told me to swallow... which I did and proceeded to go home, much to the dismay of the friend who had given me the cap of MDA. Anyway. I fell asleep in this guy's car before we hit the Bay Bridge.... but on the bridge, the shit hit me all at once and I sat bolt upright in his car with the coolest body sensations! My friend looked over at me and said, "Did it hit you?" On that incident, I base my answer... no, I don't think you can sleep while tripping.

    I don't remember where I heard it, and I think it was in reference to acid, but someone once told me that massive amounts of B-complex vitamins will bring someone down. I don't know what "massive amounts" would actually work out to, but B vitamins seem to interact with a lot that we ingest.

    Unsubstantiated claims... but that's my input... :D :cool:
  6. well i talked to a kid about it in school today. it is physically impossible to sleep while tripping on any halucinogen(sp) and i know why. drugs like acid, shrooms, and some mescaline make you trip by quickly depleting saratonin in the brain. that is why we get the trippy effects. saratonin is used to make melatonin and umm im trying to think of the other chemical... well anyways increased amounts of saratonin is why we feel tired. technically you shouldnt feel tired while tripping. well i felt soo incredibly tired because i popped a melatonin. this increased my levels of melatonin making feel sleepy but since i had depeleted of saratonin i physically could not sleep.

    and valium doesnt reverse a trip. guys at work today told me its crazy what i felt. one guy said he had a probelm with drugs like that when he was about my age because he loved the effects. now he only puffs. and its fairly rare when he smokes reef. he sorta quit.

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