Question about sexual relations with mature professionals

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    I'll be honest.
    Classes just started. I have a couple hot teachers. One of them really seems to catch my attention. Not because of what she says, but because of what she does.
    She is subtle, hot, confident and is not afraid to look me in the eyes.
    As she lectures from the front of the small, 30 student class, she is articulate and assured. Short haired, shoulder padded suit coat and high heels, she really ran her course.
    One time only.
    One time she came off of her elevated stage, and came up the isle of students. Keeping the ever obedient eye contact that she won over the second I saw her, she walks in a straight line toward me and stops about 5 feet away.
    The eyes were unmoved, but clearly looking for something.
    Nothing happened. No relevant words were said. The lecture continued.
    Everything that happened in the hour class was very subtle and seemingly ordinary.
    I am not saying she is interested.
    I am not saying I am either.
    But I wonder..
    Has anyone here ever kissed, got blown, or had sex with a teacher, therapist, or close friend's mom?
    If so, who made the move and what happened when you broke it off? (assuming you are not still together)

  2. I made out and copped a feel on one of my high school teachers once, after I'd graduated.
    It was just coincidence that we were in the same club, I took her for a dance, she moved in close, I went for the kiss.
    I still feel pretty proud of myself for that one, even now, more than five years later.
    That's awesome.
    So, based on this and what I have found on the web already, it seems like older women are looking (if at all) for real, genuine and close relationships (as opposed to a quick bang with an arrogant fuck)
    That has been the opposite of my experience, granted, I've been out of the game for a few years now.
    I've found that if an older woman is looking at a younger guy, it's not for something meaningful. And who could blame them.
    Interesting.. what is your experience? Because you can not say that just based on a kiss..
    Well... that kiss was never going to develop into a relationship. Me being her former student and all.
    But I've slept with a handful of older women and it's only ever been a one-and-done deal. Minus this curvy bird I routinely hooked up with back in my slutty days. She smoked mad pole and I reminisce on it fondly, but never even once did I see her while we were sober, nor did she ever even hint at wanting more than a quick bang with an arrogant fuck.
    Face it... we're not exactly the cream of the crop in the eyes of established women.
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    Mkay but what about professional women? Like say.. someone who has power over you and a job on the line?
    Do you think they would put their job on the line for some fresh college meat?
    I am sure the older women you are referring to had jobs, but I am trying to get ideas regarding a women who has a job above you. Manager to underling, teacher to student anything
    non sequitur - That's cool BTW i'm jelous i love older women
  9. What interest would a successful, established, professional woman have with a college-aged kid aside from sexual lust?
    There's no substance to us. We have nothing to offer them other than a quick fuck. There's no basis for a relationship there. I'm not saying that it doesn't or can't happen, but it doesn't make sense.
    So go and bang your professor. That's hi-five worthy, for sure. But I wouldn't go on hoping for love after the fact.
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    I see. You seem hurt by this lady.
    But, yeah, I don't plan on it, I want to rail her tight little ass hole.. I am just wondering what people think about relationships and such.

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