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Question about septum infection.

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by LeroyDankins, May 5, 2012.

  1. About 5 days ago I stretched my septum from a 12g to a 10g and it wasn't until now that my septum started lashing out in actual pain. Not the usual dull soreness but a very sharp pain right on the sweet spot. Its becoming bothersome.
    My first thought was that I didn't wait long enough between my last stretch but that was 3 months ago and I know people who stretch their piercings at least once a month or sooner. So I'm leaning on the idea that it got infected somehow, even though I've taken excellent care of it.
    Your thoughts?
  2. It's possible that it is infected.

    Start putting tea tree oil on it like 4 times a day. It'll burn like hell but it'll kill the infection. Do not remove the piercing or downsize however. That could cause even more problems.

    Beyond that, sea salt soaks and time
  3. I second the sea salt soaks. As for the Tea tree oil, I would hold off on that. I know alot of people that have had Tea tree oil actually irritate the piercing more, rather than help. Also 4 times a day to me is to much if you do decide on using the oil. When I had problems with a piercing, Tea tree oil once a night was more than enough. Most people would also recommend that you downsize to the size before the stretch, but I think if you take care of it you should be okay.
  4. Thanks for the replies,
    I'll definitely sea salt soak it, it started bleeding today so I know somethings up.
  5. What type of jewelry do you currently have in it? Was it autoclaved before you put it in?
  6. Yes, I should have mentioned that some people are sensitive to tea tree oil.

    Personally, I'm not, and it cleared the one infection I got up really quickly (happened when I stretched my right earlobe from a 2 to a 0).

    I still wouldn't downsize, however. You don't want the infection to become trapped in closing skin

  7. Its just a metal horseshoe.
    I sanitized it before putting it through my septum though.
  8. How did you sanitize it?

  9. Boiled it in water.
  10. Depending on where it was pierced you might be putting pressure on cartilage. Every time I stretched my septum it didn't really hurt until the next day, then it was pretty tender for the rest of the week. If you have any bleeding or severe pains, you should downsize and give your body more time to adjust. Also are you stretching with a taper or just jamming it in? If you are jamming it is it externally threaded jewelry because you have a much higher chance of tearing the tissue.
    I'm sure anyone who has stretched anything has used unsterilized procedures, but if you can have a pro autoclave it for you and use a taper.
  11. Boiling it doesn't sanitize it; a lot of bacteria actually THRIVE in those conditions.

    Green/yellow/spicy mustard colored puss
    The puss will STINK.
    Severe pain

    You should be waiting more than 3 months in between stretching. Your septum is not you ear; it can take longer to heal. If it's really painful, and does not show infection signs, I would downsize the jewelry.

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