Question about sending money order to the attitude.

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  1. Hello everybody I had a question about sending a money order to the attitude. Can it just be a regular money order from wal-mart or does it have to be a designated "international money order". I just went to my local wal-mart and they said they didn't know if their money order would work overseas or not.

    Secondly do I have to make it out in GBP(british pounds) or can it be made out in USD? The order total was 213.56 in british pounds and I figured I'd round up to $339.00 in USD. Thanks for any help:smoke:

    P.S. I tried using my personal debit card but my bank refused the transaction I guess I can't use my card overseas. This is probably the best method anyways and I don't want to jack around with prepaid cards.
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  3. I've havent ordered from attitude but I've ordered from single seed centre twice using money orders. Get your money order from somewhere that also does . Walmart does money gram I'm not a 100% sure that's the same when it comes to money orders. Shouldnt be hard to find a place tho. You get the money order in us dollars when they cash it it will convert back to pounds. They should give you some instructions on wut exactly to do after you place the order.
  4. Yeah I read that on the site it just doesn't say if it has to be a international money order and made in their currency/GBP. I'm assuming it does have to be a international money order and wal-mart apparently doesn't sell them or at least the one in my town doesn't. I found on USPS's site that they sell international money orders or $4 something. I'll just go to my local post office and get one in GBP and send it out priority mail.
  5. I guess what it means by "correct monies to the correct currency" is that it has to be made out in GBP.:eek::smoking:
  6. So you're saying you didn't have to send it GBP or anything it just had the USD amount on it? I've emailed them hopefully I'll hear back on monday.
  7. Yes us dollars should work but like I said I've only ordered from single seed not attitude but I would guess they would be similar
  8. I've sent money to a few seedbanks now with no problems, I've even bought with money off GC but I sent Euros to them. I sent GBP to the seedbanks as they are mostly based in the UK :smoke:

  9. Did you try calling the number on the back of the card and asking if it can be authorized for overseas use?
  10. That's a good idea I might try that it's my visa debit card from the bank.

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