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  1. ok when i type in on my site i get seeds from what kind of seed i want sometimes there is more than one choice of the same seed such as, barneys farm blue cheese , and big buddha blue cheese, now are these the same or different, and are they much different or only a little im confused, thanks guys
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    generally in relation to seeds look at the description of the seeds given on the page, it should show any differences in the genetics of the seeds. and learn how to use a full stop please, reading your post was quite hard dood.
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    They could be exactly the same strain, or they could be somewhat different. Some breeders can only aquire female clones, and then have to find similar males to recreate a known strain. This is one thing that has become a habit of the commerical seed market when a strain becomes popular or highly sought after. One will not know unless they have actually grown out the true strain. Regardless, when a strain from several breeders has the same name, you can be somewhat assured that at least half of the genetics come from a quality lineages. Another thing to consider is that many seed banks, including Sensi and GHS, buy seeds wholesale from other breeders, then work to recreate a strains; Arjan did this with the Haze strains and if you want Haze, you go to Mr. Nice b/c Shanti and Neville are the innovators of Haze strains, as with Skunk strains, you go to Mr. Nice, Sensi, or Flying Dutchman. Many of the strains offered by your more commerical banks are knockoffs.

  6. /sigh

    remember when there were like only 6 diffrent seed banks, and only Nirvana did "knockoffs"?

    course seeds only broke 100$ + then if they were femminized then too.

    Less pretty much hit it on the head. ( and its probably gonna be like august B4 I can give him anymore rep ;) )

    When I worry about "whats" in "whos" version of "so & so strain" I check out the selection at Sensi Seeds...if they have it ..the genetics are golden, just bit pricey at times. example;Jack Herer is over 200$ now :mad:, So I'll probably order from Black Label where they are 82$.

    also it is not unheard of for Breeders to have two "sides". example High Quality seeds, and Black Label are the same.

    your best bet of all is to find a strain .. research, try to find who originally did it, and then who is doing that strain the most ...then look through the growdocs/growlogs for that strain and breeders and see how others grows went.

    it pays to make a descision on your gentics besides the info given on the actual dealers/breeders websites. Its like buying a car.. you dont just go take the car sales persons words on how well it runs do you ?


    PS..these kind of questions really belong in the seed bank section.

    PSS.... WILD STALLIONS !!!!!

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