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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xi peanuts ix, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Im going to start growing but im wondering on what seeds will grow what.

    Im assuming that regs would grow regs / mids grow mids / etc.

    But what if you grew regs hydroponically?

    Does it matter on what seeds it is , or how you grow the seeds im wondering

    This is my first post and im here with an empty cup, all ears open :)

    And what do u guys suggest :)
  2. If you grew regs with hydroponics, all you'd end up with is hydroponic regs....

    The genetics are what your looking for, go with a name... White Widow, AK47, etc etc
  3. Hmm so what do all the drug dealers when they mean by 'Dro' that there selling.

    And if i don't plan on buying seeds and just end up with... what ever the type of genetics it was orignally. regs seeds, grows regs.

    I mean im not sure what dealers r selling when they mean, Dro now that you say that. lol

    So regs / crip grown hydroponically would b the same... to the dealers, cuz it was grown hydro..

    but not rely. :/

  4. People are stupid, especially shady dealers, they use the method to describe the weed. If you grow shit dirt weed in a hydro system it would technically be "dro", but it would still also be shit.
  5. Gotcha thanks for the insight, my friend has a handfull of seeds and we pretty much came to the conclusion that we want to try and grow a few plants first all the way threw until cured.

    Then purchase some seeds from a bank that are higher quality, white widow/ ak47 .
    Once we have a few grows under belt we should b up for the task?

    And will germinating the seeds in mangoo / blueberry juice make any difference with the outcome of the grow? , that was suggested by someone IRL.
  6. lol, don't do that, the only thing it could do is possibly kill your seedling... adding any type of juice/fruit to your grow at any point won't do anything but hurt it.
  7. okay, lol
    it was supposely going to make it blueberry. or mangoo lol :D

    Thank you

    souned skecthy to mee

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