Question about seeds and how to grow them?

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  1. Was wondering if there is a way to keep yourself supplied with seeds after a successfull harvest and whats ideal to have when you are growing in a closet(i beleive thats where imma start) how many males how many females, and is it safe to keep them both next to each other, because i beleive i read somewhere that they can pollinate themselves and grow weed with pure seeds but wasnt able to actually figure out what it was trying to say.

    And also this is probably a dumb question, but u want females right, since they produce the buds
  2. I think you may have to do a bit of reading and research. Asking questions like that around here would get you knee-capped.
  3. Even one male can pollinate many, many females. You want your crop to remain sinsemilla for the best buds, so keep pesky pollen producing males away! If you want to make seeds for yourself for future grows or if you want to cross breed, let a male continue to grow, away from your females (like in a seperate room entirely), take a plastic bag and wrap it around a branch (or the whole plant) and shake. Collect the pollen in a vial or jar or something, you can freeze it to make it last longer, not sure how long it's shelf life is. take a small baggy and put a little pollen in it, wrap this baggy around a single branch and tie it off, shake again to distribute the pollen to your buds. These buds will grow seeds. I believe they need 4 weeks at least to become mature, immature seeds will be useless.

    Search GC to find a guide on this, I believe I've seen at least one before.

    john is right though, this is a newbie question and could have been answered just by reading more about growing and how cannabis is cultivated.

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