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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dizzle_, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Anyone have any idea why my seedlings are doing this? I open the tent today and they look this way, yesterday they were fine. They are in fox farm happy frog about a week old. Only getting water ph'd to 6.5-7. Under 1 300 watt led that is 22 inches away. The temp ranges from 72-79 and my humidity is around 35-47. I have a humidifier in my tent to attempt to bring the humidity up but no luck yet because my exhaust fan suck it right out. Any idea let me know the strains are liberty haze, tangerine dream, blue dream, double berry and vanilla kush

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  2. No idea, but I just lost a chem bubbly auto seedling similarly, It was bending over and finally snapped. Hope yours have better luck than mine.
  3. Could it be overwatering?

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  4. To bring the humidity up leave a container with water in it in the tent always works for me

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  5. It's either over or under watering. A seedling of that stage only requires probably 20 ml of water. Goodluck
  6. I think it's under watering hopefully they bounce back

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