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Question about rolling papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Infinite Experience, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. ok i know that some people use bible paper for rolling but my question is how does it stick?
  2. official rolling papers have these brown looking stick part on them. With the bible paper, saliva will do the trick. Just use the non inking pages
  3. ok thanks
  4. Or buy a 99 cent pack of papes..
  5. just go grab a pack of papers man...
  6. At the gas station across my street they have these packs with 5 rollies for 10 cents just go buy one of those.
  7. You can use honey, or sugar with a drop or two of water (Make a paste). A VERY thin smear will do;)
  8. Honey is where its at.
  9. He doesn't get that much from his allowance. :rolleyes:

    Kids who ask questions like OP are asking for the ban hammer to smite them.

  10. So if a person wants to use something besides rolling paper they are automatically under 18? What if he wants to smoke, is out of paper and doesn't want to go to the gas station? And there goes your point......
  11. I'm smart enough to buy a fresh pack - when I know Im getting low. And IF I run out - I just go buy more, see I have to carry ID cause Im over 30 and I still get carded all the time cause kids want to smoke pot.
    OP, either
    (if you're broke)
    A. Make a fruit bowl
    B. Make a foil bowl
    (If you got your allowance)
    C. Buy a bowl/pipe/bong (and hide it from mommy where she wont find it)
    D. Buy some papers
    E. Buy a blunt/wrap
  12. I'm over 18 and I have had times when I am drunk/drinking and I want to smoke a J, and I have no paper. What should I do drive or use something in the house?

  13. First off I'm technically greek orthodox but I don't have much of a belief in jesus or god but shit is it really worth defacing a bible. I would never tear a page out of a bible to smoke a spliff. I would rather go to the gas station, like shit how lazy do people get. You're gonna risk an eternity in hell over a piece of paper worth less than a penny?
  14. Well if you WANT to smoke a J, and you have no papers, and no way of getting some - hows it feel to WANT?
    Go get some - or dont smoke a J - Its that simple.
    You dont have ANY other means to smoke?
    No bowl?
    No pipe?
    No home made bong?
    C'mon bro - Ive seen guys in the middle of the woods with nothing but a water bottle smoke...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  15. Bible/dictionary pages are dumb, because first, your burning the bible, second, you can get bleach poisioning, im not sure if thats accuate or not, and third, ink poisioning (im sure about this one)
  16. just to let you know when i was that age i didn't get an allowance i had to work for my money
  17. Ok you cant get ink poisoning if there's no ink. Thats why you get the paper from the back that is white with nothing on it
  18. theres a little part of the paper that is a different color and is a little sticky. licking it will stick it good.
  19. I'm not 100% sure but he didn't say "I'm under 18 and wish for the trolls in GC to flame me" :rolleyes:

    Grasscity is turning into troll central. If the OP has a question why don't you answer it instead trying to make your E ego bigger? His question was in the APPRENTICE section so he could get advice/answer not flamed by trolls.

    He OBVIOUSLY couldn't obtain rolling papers at the time of the post but yet some of you still had to make childish remarks for being 18+.

    OP honey, saliva, and thicker syrups work quite well. Keep it real. :smoke:
  20. ok thanks, is it ok if i use flavored honey?

    but i'm probably gonna make sure i always have papers on me

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