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  1. I just got a gift of a half oz of some mids from a friend that i would like to roll all into one big i really see no use for it as i mainly like to vaporize my dank.

    The joint will be about 14 grams, i can't really find any paper that's good enough for that.

    What is some good paper that is smaller (7grams) or a good substitute that i could use?

    I was thinking about using printer paper but i decided not to...i just want a big joint like i see on some of those photos :)
  2. why dont you just stick together a whole bunch of zig zags? thats what my buddy did.
  3. check out a headshop? online stores? i'd just buy a big blunt
  4. Why not just buy a big blunt
  5. i always mess up the blunts lol i spent $10 on swishers one day lol and still couldnt get it right.

    If i tape a bunch of zags together will it be a hard joint to roll?
  6. Either you're gonna have to go with a bunch of smaller papers (but if you tear a blunt this may be a bit too much) or go and get some kingsize papers
  7. ive been to three smoke shops and none of them had anything bigger than 1 1/2 zig zags...gaahhhh i dont want to have to smoke a bunch of little ones.
  8. Dont some grocrey stores sell rice paper ?

    Couldn't you use it ?
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  10. Why nor roll it into 2, 7g joints or 7, 2g joints.. I mean you could roll a huge J, but that will be 1 high, why not make it last and get 2 or 7 highs?

  11. I hope by "tape" you mean lick the sticky sides, lay down, and press together, and not scotch tape, haha. But yeah, it will be kinda tricky to roll, especially if you've had difficulty rolling blunts in the past. Maybe try the 110mm king size papers. They're designed for rolling big, and you'd only need about two at most.
  12. 14 grams = Mendocino pinner
  13. and im all for da fatties :)

    dis is gonna be all to myself as well :D
  14. Some headshops and even some gas stations will sell the rollingpaper rolls, you can pull off as much as you need. If you haven't you may want to look for that.
  15. Tape? nahhh you don't wanna tape em' You can take any size rolling paper and stick them together using the gummed sides till you have 1 paper big enough to work with. I roll with mostly large bambu's and if I were doing this I'd go with probably 8 papers.

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