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Question about rolling blunts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i am nietzsche, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ive seen people roll blunts two different ways. One way involves unrolling the outer leaf then rolling it back on after you rolled the blunt, the other way is just cracking the cigar open and rolling it with the outer leaf still on. Is one method better than the other, or are they just the same? Why would someone unroll the outer leaf if they can roll a good blunt with the outer leaf still on?
  2. I use the first method described and roll dutchmasters, I believe it nmakes it tighter, when I cut and gut (your second method) for me it comes out loose, both hit well though, the first method is my preference though and that's what it comes down to
  3. I use the first method too... I use games and dutches.

    I think it makes a MUCH better end product. Id only consider rolling the second way after several drinks and several bowls...
  4. The first way is my preference... Or coiling as we call it
  5. i use the second way and my blunts turn out fine. It depends on on the cigar though. sometimes im forced to take of the outer leaf bc its falling off. swishers usually can be done the second way but i find that larger cigars are easier to roll the first way. I use blunt wraps now, way easier, more flavors, and about the same price.
  6. With Swishers, you should use the second method. The first method can leave you susceptible to tears and it makes it easier for any loose stem you haven't removed to mess up the whole blunt. The Outer leaf acts as sort of a protectant for the whole blunt.
  7. yeeah taking off the outer leaf is they way to go.. i use games and dutchmasters

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