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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Rastafari, May 26, 2010.

  1. I notice I have green & grey icons for people who haved repped me... I have read that green = postive, grey = neutral... but how do you vote someone neutral? There's only an "approve/disapprove" option when you're repping somebody right? I have tons of neutral ones that im not getting any points for, but what if they meant to put positive? Get what im saying.. its really not that fair... idk lol

    Can somebody please explain this? thanks! :hello:
  2. I think it means new users (like us) don't have rep with any positive effect, so it's considered neutral.
  3. Pretty sure you're right on that, but there's an FAQ/sticky on rep, look it up.
  4. I checked the rules but I didn't see that. Thanks for that. I figured the 'rep' bars worked like the ones on most forums so... :p

  5. You need 600 Rep points before you can effect other peoples Rep, untill then all that is given out is Purple "neutral Rep", when trying to apply either Positive, or negative Rep.

    Basicly once you have the 6th Bar, the bright green one, you can effect Rep. There is a few exceptions to the rule though, depending on your join date.
  6. The 600 number I didn't know, thanks man.

    Fuck I'm high.,..
  7. Actually it might be 500 points for the first 6th bar, then 700 for the 7th bar, and 900 for the eigth bar, i havent been keeping track properly :eek:
  8. Thanks, this answered my question!!! makes sense :D

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