question about reflector, anyone with insidesun HPS

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  1. Hey, guys. I have a 400w HPS from inside sun, and I never noticed until just now that there was a thin slightly blue tinted adhesive plastic stuck along the inside of the reflector. I could never even see that it was there before, but it started peeling off in one spot and where it wasn't pressed against the metal reflector I could see it easily because it has a blue tint.

    Is this supposed to be on there or was it just a seal to protect the reflector from getting scratched up? The only reason I'm wondering if it was supposed to be on there is because of the fact that it has that violent/blue tint... Thinking that since that is the spectrum plants veg best under that maybe that plastic had a purpose being there. I know it sounds stupid, but I just want to make sure. If it was only protecting the metal then I need to get it off ASAP as it might be not allowing the reflector to work as good as it should be. The damn thing is pretty hard to peel off though... maybe due to the heat from the bulb. Let me know, guys. Thanks.
  2. i would peal it off...
  3. email them maybe to see you never know?
  4. Well, I'm pretty sure I need to take it off now, but there's a bit of a problem with that. Since it's been on the last month while the light has been used, the heat the bulb gives off seems to have stuck that plastic seal on there even stronger than it normally would be. It's extremely hard to get off. It just tears off in little pieces. Anyone have any ideas of a way to get it off more easily?
  5. Damn maybe it was suppose to be on there who knows. anyways. i think you should get some regular old water to get it off if that dont work maybe it was ment to be on there.
  6. hey man,,,its just protective film to stop it frow getting scratched,,,,peel it off and throw it away
  7. lol thanks badgers. I've pretty much got that now, but I don't know how I'm going to peel it off without a knife though, which would scratch it and defeat the purpose. the damn heat from the bulb has stuck it on there pretty tight... the light is off right now while the plants are taking a nap. I guess I'll try to go peel it off again somehow. haha this blows. I've left that on there the last 2 months. my plants could have grown a lot faster if I had taken that plastic film off.
  8. Did not the smell of the molten plastic alert you earlier that something was wrong?

    I personally smell every piece of electronics which I power them up for the first time, especially after its warmed up.
    I know its a bit excessive for most people but I'm a techy who messes around a lot with electric stuff so for me it helps.

    I can smell (you too) molten plastics, CPUs which overheat (ceramic plaque), hot metal in general, oxidization processes, fire retardant, sparks (ozone) etc. etc. etc.
  9. use a blow dyer while trying to peel off.
  10. hah I got it off guys. I made the post yesterday, but the site was down so it didn't add the post. it took me about an hour to peel the damn thing off but I got it eventually. then I cleaned all the sticky residue left behind off with a wash cloth, a ltitle bit of salt, some water, and some dishsoap. reflector is now nice and shiney and reflective. the plants are loving the increase in light output. check the link in my sig if you want to see the grow. i'll be adding new pics in a few days.
  11. when i bought my light it had a little note on it saying please peel off the protective layer before turning on. good to hear u got it off tho.


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