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Question about quitting after years

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 240sxLover, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Howdy seasoned tokers,
    I've got a bit of a dilemma on my hands. I've been smoking daily for almost 3 years now this next month, with maybe a one week break every year or so. I'm starting to feel like I'm unable to play complicated video games and read books very easily. I also feel like my already low (prior to toking) motivation has gotten the lowest it could be, and I'm in my third year of college where my reading requirements (history major) are going through the roof.
    My question for y'all is, for those of you who have quit after years of use, does it feel like your mind gets clearer and your motivation returns? It's been so long I forgot what being truly sober was like. I remember in my youth I read more and played games (which was essentially an obsession for me till I found altered states of consciousness). Do y'all feel if I quit smoking, which I'll likely do anyways to save some dough, I'll regain my old interests and be able to focus better.
    Thanks for reading!

  2. If you quit smoking your bound to get better. Im fairly certain most people fully recover... however i did not. I quit 5 months ago after about 4 years smoking heavily and I still feel fogged up and weird... I think mine may just be depersonalization or something though.
    However feeling like this I still noticed my memory improve a little and other things that smoking diminished, so its safe to say if you quit things will improve. The first couple weeks may be rough though
  3. I've quit and started back a few times. For me, going from high all day every day to sober was almost like a new high again haha. But the withdrawal is real. Marijuana has an addiction rate of about 9% (Dr. Sanjay Gupta, "WEED", CNN Special).......I know, I know, "weed's not addictive!" yes it is. Don't kid yourself.
    My withdrawal symptoms included insomnia, loss of appetite, and generally feeling crappy. But those all went away within a week, and were totally manageable. I've never experienced loss of motivation (while sober) or trouble with video games (sober or high) during my years. But I do have advice for you. 
    I'm a sophomore at Auburn, so I smoke weed and pop vyvanse all the time to get by. If you want to regain motivation, stop smoking and take vyvanse (or similar stuff) for a couple of days. It always snaps me out of my cycle of laziness immediately of course, but also seems to have long term effects. If I smoke Monday-Saturday, pop a vyvy on Sunday, and don't smoke the rest of the week, I find my motivation higher ALL WEEK than before I was a stoner.
    Everything has different effects on everyone, so I'm not gonna tell you it'll work for sure, it just works for me. If that doesn't work for you, try just taking a one-hitter before your meals (to stem the loss of appetite) and before bed for insomnia. Good luck man! I'm broke too and need to quit haha
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    This got moved to apprentice tokers; I'm unsure why, as I'm not asking new tokers about something they have no experience with. So thanks mods.
    Edit: Er, well I guess it belongs here. Oh well.
  5. I had to quit for years at a time while pregnant and breastfeeding, and also I did quit for the first year of grad school cause it had been 11 years since college and I was scared (started up again year two, didn't notice much of a difference.)  I will say, your various symptoms are things that can come and go even in a sober person's lifetime.   In general, during my long breaks I have found my moods and motivation even out to good and bad to the same degree as during my stoner periods. 
  6. Reading these posts makes me want to stop my daily usage, smh
    Damn marihuana and it's fucking effects on the brain
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    I've only been smoking for a y ear now btw
    (But tranferred to pure vaping two months ago)
    Hah, but that probably worse in the end bc I get more cannabinoids.
    :mad: I don't wanna lose my mental capabilities
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    Absolutely, In all honesty you're gonna need a few months off your mind will eventually clear up but if not it'll only get much worse. If you really have to smoke avoid all forms of concentrates and smoke in moderation. I've had extreme problems with memory motivation after nearly four years of very heavy smoking usually 8th+ every day. Take some time off and you should be feeling much better. It had been so long I had forgotten what sober felt like ha 

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