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Question about qualifying in CA

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Squall420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. So I've never gone to a doctor for my problems, but I have chronic insomnia, and when I do actually fall asleep I have reoccuring Sleep Paralysis. Its gone on for about a good 10 years I'd say (I'm 22 now). My cousin uses mmj to deal with epilepsy, and it works for him, but he's been to doctors for years for his problems.

    So here's my question: Since I've never been treated for my insomnia or been to a doctor for this problem, do I still qualify? From my research, it seems like you need to have medical records stating your problems.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. dude its hella easy to get a card. dont even trip bout that
  3. ^ lol, way to help.

    Anyway, what's stopping you from seeing a doctor now? Doctors' jobs are to help patients, so I suggest making an appointment with one. Explain your medical problems, and explain how cannabis has helped you. He or she can write you a recommendation (if they're pro-MMJ), and that's all you need. If he/she declines, then just ask for any records stating your illnesses and bring it to one of the "pot-friendly" doctors on the CANORML site:

    If insurance is an issue, there are free clinics you can visit and do the same process.

    You can TRY to go on ahead and make an appointment without any records, but it just looks a lot better if you did have some on hand. The doctor I went to didn't even look at my records, until I asked if he wanted to take a look at them. Then he just kinda skimmed through it.

    so good luck to you!
  4. The doctor i went to didn't ask for any records either. Even though i had them and perscription bottles.
    A lot of places will recommend you even though you havn't seen a doctor about your problem, but at the 6 month follow up to renew your recommendation you must bring records or some proof that you've seen a doctor for your insomnia.

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