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  1. So I'm growing two different strains side by side in my 4 x 2 x 5 tent and I'm wondering if this will cause problems being that each strain could reach a different height. As of right now I am using a 400w mh bulb for the veg stage. Since planting 2 days ago I am seeing that the plant that is under the side of the hood where the bulb is screwed in is drying out faster than the pot next to it that is still under the hood but slightly further from the bulb. I have a feeling one plant will be getting taller than the other but hopefully there is a way to combat this.
  2. If one gets taller just put a bucket or whatever ya got to keep the smaller one level. I run multi strain tents so I run into that issue a lot. Or you can top, scrog, or LST them to get uniformity, if you want to go down that road.
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  3. Thanks but I forgot to mention I am using auto flowers which I have heard do not respond well to scrog and other methods.
  4. That being the case just throw some blocks under any shorties.

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  5. Plants all grow at different rates.

    I have 4 of the same strains going right now and all are different heights. One is a foot taller then the rest ... go figure

    But I use thick cardboard to even out my canopy. Lucky I work as a mechanic and in parts for shipping they have 1-2 inch thick cardboard that I cut into squares and use as spacers under the pots


    See the cardboard? The one in the front row far left is the shortest plant ever and I have it on over a foot of spacers

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