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  1. i have never tried to pollinate my own strains yet but my question is if i do come across a male with one of my seeds which i hope to come across 1. Will i be able to grow it and Store the Pollen i get from it inside a little hard plastic canister of some sort? that way when im ready to pollenate a nug on a female i can just pull out the canister with the pollen and with a mini paintbrush just dip it in and carefully place it on the fem nug. Is this possible or will this not be a good idea to grow the male one time and store the pollen?? any info is appreciated thanks. :smoke: :smoke:

    P.S I have 10 unfeminized Mandala Hashberry seeds (7 now, 3 are fems :p ) i am getting some Super Lemon Haze seeds shortly, i Plan at some point in time on maybe growing some Super Lemon HazeBerry?? Or Super Hash LemonBerry?? no matter wat its called it seems like it would be bomb :smoking:
  2. I am not an expert on the subject but since noone else has answered ill give u this.....Yes u can save pollen in a plastic canister and brush it on. ive seen people use the little film canisters and they just keep the pollen in there and brush just a small branch of whatver plant theyre trying to polinate as needed. But as far as how long the pollen will keep and the best way to keep it viable for extended periods i dont know. Hope this helps:smoke:
  3. thanks alb, i also did some research after and found out that u can store it in a freezer bag and keep it air tight in the freezer to use later on, apparently from what ive read pollen will go bad eventually if not frozen. I am still wondering if this relates with MJ too which it most likely will.. if thats the case it just makes cross breedin that much more of a pain in the ass :devious:. this leads to my Next question.. Does MJ Pollen Go Bad if left unfrozen? i kno some pollen can survive unfrozen but it only lasts a few hours to a few days depending on wat the pollen is from. thanks.
  4. I did a little bit of research on the subject as well and as far as i can tell... The Life span of pollen isnt consistent, meaning it varies from plant to plant strain to strain. My suggestion to you would be just collect some and store it and see how long it keeps for. Whats the worst that could happen? The pollen doesnt take when u brush ur fem. those consequences dont seem too awful to me....
  5. yea i think what im gonna do is grow a male out (knowing its male by 12/12'ing first just till signs show) Re-Veg it, and when im ready ill plan the 12/12 of the male when the main room is ready. Now i just gotta figure out how long it takes in flower to actually produce the pollen and when i have to distribute it to the fems. ill leave any leftover pollen in the canister and see if it lasts til another cross breed.. thats all i can do really and not to shabby of an idea i suppose cus if all goes as planned ill end up with my first crossbreed seeds and not even need the stored pollen yet.. :hello: :smoking:

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