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  1. say i have 3 plants M1 AND F1 and F2

    i take pollen from M1 and destroy him

    now i move F1 to a separate room and i take the pollen and i pollinate 1 or 2 bud sites only.

    #1 will the 2-3 bud sites i pollinated, pollinate the rest of the plant and maybe my other females also or will it just remain the 2-3 bud sites i pollinated..

    #2 now that i have pollinated 2-3 bud sites will those sites produce seeds or will it make the whole plant produce seeds ?

    what im trying to accomplishis to get a few seeds from one of my females without affecting the whole batch.. anyone know the best way to do this ? ideas ? suggestions ? thanks

    is it easier to just waste a fem months and plant like 5 seeds and just leave them all in the same room from veg to flower let them mate and then take all the seeds ?
  2. what you pollinate will produce seeds, the rest of the plant will stay seed free as long as your careful. turn all your fans off. pollinate, then after about 4-5 days spray the plant with water to kill the excess pollen. your seeds will take longer to mature than bud so when harvesting strip your bud branches off but keep your seeded branch growing for a couple of more weeks, leave them in there until the seeds rattle and the plant naturally dies back

    when I collect pollen I mix with flour and rice. flour makes it go further and rice keeps it dry. when I apply it I use a paintbrush. move the plant to a different room to minimize pollen contamination. it's best to leave them apart until several days and after the plant has been sprayed with water.

    pollen really does get everywhere but it's not the end of the world if you get more seeds than you planned. all the seed casings make good smoke, don't chuck that away
  3. Jetski, what do you clean your room with to get rid of pollen after the grow? Just keep it simple and dilute some bleach?
  4. pollinate around week 4-5
    dont spray ur plants :D
  5. just water dude, pollen is very fragile, if it gets wet its had it. also the life of it is very short
  6. coincidently I have been collecting pollen this last few days. I'm hoping it will still be viable when I have some females ready in a few weeks. it's unlikely though. it's a shame as I came across a male with an amazing trait that I have never seen before. I'm keeping it refrigerated, fingers crossed
  7. sounds good jetski i will definatly try this.. i could flower her under a few CFL's after i pollinate till im confident she is how long does it take a male to get some good pollen going i can collect ? and how long does pollen keep ? i have a set of 12 sleetstackXskunk i wanna plant 2 and wait about 3-4 weeks then plant 2 more.. hopefully ill get atleast 1 male and female.. then ill just let him pollinate to his hearts desire and collect my 100's of seeds and not have to worry about pollinating anymore.. i can just keep planting those till i find ones with traits i like then use her as a mother and cut clones....
  8. about a week after the lights change males start to show flowers, a week later there will be pollen dropping. a week after that it will be spewing it out everywhere. to be honest at this point my males have served their purpose so are then binned. at a guess I would say they will carry on dropping pollen for at least another couple of weeks

    I don't know how long it can be stored. I have stored some for about two weeks in the past without problems but I haven't tried it for longer so I don't know for sure.

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