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  1. Hey GC,

    I just ordered the "Classic Marijuana Seeds Pack" from and just realized that they aren't 100% feminized. The guy that I was talking to said that getting feminized seeds is the best, but the ones I am going to get won't be feminized (most likely). So how do I go about planting to make sure I get a female plant to grow? I've heard planting three seeds and just keeping the 1 or 2 females that grow. How can I tell if the plant is going to be male or female after just planting the seed...does anyone have any pictures??

  2. feminized are good but are not alwayz female. sometime they produce hermies which is both sexes. you best best like you said is to grow a few and hope for females.. there is no way to tell after the seed is planted whether its male or female. youll have to wait til the flowering stage and then sex it. there is lots of threads on here for about sexing a plant. just search it. hope this helps

  3. You cant. You have to grow your plant to maturity in veg, and hope shows male or
    female pre-flowers, or you have to force flowering by going to 12/12 lighting and get
    it to show sex.

    Either way, it will take weeks. Femmed seeds are great. Best you germinate and
    veg several of your seeds in hopes of getting a female or two. Once you have a girl,
    turn it into a mother and clip clones from it forever :) Then you're guaranteed
    a female every time (unless you stress them out and they hermie!)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  4. You have to grow them and discard any males.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply y'all! It's good to know people have your back.

    Anyway, thanks for the useful info - I look forward to growing in the coming months.

  6. Have you ever grown femmed seeds? Those who actually use femmed seeds from a reputable breeder, myself included, will tell you differently from direct experience -- 100% females and no more likely to hermie than any other plant.

    No way to tell before it's planted either. Unless you know it's feminized there is a 50/50 chance on gender.

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