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Question about pipe screens

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goof, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hey peeps, i feel like a bit of a retard asking these questions...i have a small metal pipe, a 5 inch glass pipe, and a 9 inch wonderful bubbler. From clean, its easy to get the screen into the metal pipe, and it stays in place, but with the glass pipe and bubbler, the screen has to be shaped into a cone shape. Thing is, the bowl is too deep for the screen to properly 'mould' to the shape of the bowl, it just springs back into a shallower cone shape. When it's like that, the screen isn't secure, like, if you load your herb in, the screen moves around.

    Is there a proper way to get the screen into a glass bowl so it doesn't move around?

    Also, with the metal and glass pipes, its easy to empty the ash, just turn upside and tap until its all out. But with the bubbler, water will go everywhere. How do u guys empty your bubbler without making a mess. When i empty it, i use the wrong end of a spoon. But that's annoying coz the screen moves around, and sometimes, the ash will fall over the edge of the screen, down the bowl, and into the water, where it's a bitch to clean out.

  2. i wouldnt put a metal screen in a glass bowl they have glass screens for that
  3. It can be tough to get the screens into a glass piece, once a bit of resin has built up it's easier. I usually take the end of a pen or some other blunt object, like a stem and push the center of the 'screen cone' down into the bowl hole so it stays put.

    Also to empty my bubbler I usually empty the water through the mouthpiece, making sure to wipe it clean, and then empty the bowl and dry with a paper towel. If I'm mid-sesh and need to reload I'll just load ontop of the ash or carefully blow or flick out the ash over a sink or trashcan. Then pull out the screen and also give it a flick to dislodge the ash.
  4. I don't use screens but for the bubbler just empty it every sesh. It's better for the piece anyways, or if you're mid sesh use a bobby pin or paper clip to push the ash through the hole.

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