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  1. i plan on growing pineapple express next yr im just wondering if its Indica or Sativa on the attitude site it only says its Indica / Sativa doesnt say which one is more dominate does anyone know ??
  2. as far as i have noticed, you can get a batch of seeds, plant them all and get a couple that are indica dom. and some sativa dom.

  3. the only seeds iv been able to find of pineapple express r from attitude and it just says indica / sativa
  4. if you look at the description of it's genetics on attitude's site, it says "unknown". and since this strain really didn't exist before the movie, i'm pretty convinced it's just some random strain they renamed for marketing purposes. personally, i wouldn't buy it as there are so many other tried and true strains out there that you can almost be guaranteed to be fantastic. but then again, the only way to find out whether it's legit or not is to try it yourself.... :cool:
  5. i got a free pineapple express seed from a uk site- hopefully i can test it out soon

    sounds like it would have a good taste

  6. yea i got a free pineapple express seed from attitude and im goin to try it lol i wasnt goin to pay for it cuz yea like u said that its genitices r unknow but ill let u know what its like once its grown
  7. i got one as well with my last order from attitude. i'll keep it for sure when i have the room to grow it, but i'll be sticking with my seeds from TGA Subcool that I ordered when i start my next grow. :cool:
  8. \

    very nice

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