Question about pills.

Discussion in 'General' started by asiansensation, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Do you get any higher snorting pills?

  2. In my expierience its just faster like E is like 20-30min instead of 1hr
  3. What do you mean? Are you saying snorting them will get you high quicker?
  4. Only if there is a time release. Like on oxycontin and Xanax XR. Though it seems like any pill makes a difference, its prolly in your head though. Idk
  5. snorting things generally gives me a more intense, but shorter high. whereas parachuting give me a longer lastinf, but milder one
  6. K thanks. Ive been just mixin it up.
  7. ^What kind of pills you takin?
  8. Ive been takin percocets, viks, xanax, morphine.
  9. if you snort xanax like i have done many of times, they really dont do shit to you because most of the powder gets caught up in your nasal passage, so that is a fucking waste of a good xanax. The best way to take xanax is to parachute them. And then take some more!!
  10. i doubt it beucase why would snorting them make you grt higher i say just take them the normal way
  11. the nasal passage is where it absorbs some isnt it?
  12. if its opiate based or has a high binder/active ratio or advil you can wash it out

    reducing the mixture on a heatplate or similar flameless heat source will net you fairly clean power that if snorted would probably give a typical sense of snorting = fucked up fast
  13. true but in my own opinion from my experiences snorting a xanax isnt the best way to take em.

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