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Discussion in 'General' started by HalfBaked1769, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. I heard a rumor about smoking a certan type of pill today and i was wondering if it was just bullshit of if it is really a thing than can get u high. the pill is called Wellbutrin. it is a depression madication and supposidly makes you have a cocane like high. if ne one has herd about this please clarify it with me . thanks all Peace.
  2. fuck that noise...sorry, but i would never smoke a pill.....i dont like pills in the first place...

    but i shouldnt really say anything cuz i dont know..

    maybe check ?? just a suggestion
  3. k thanks but does anyone know for a fact or it its just crap
  4. The fact is it's an antidepressant, and they usually aren't going to effect you the first time. Usually your body has to build up the chemical compound, and then it starts taking effect. Smoking a anti-depressant isn't going to give you much more than a buzz, merely because it is cutting back your air intake, and that's it. Hell if you want that effect, go smoke maple leaves!

    Seriously, don't waste your time on it, mostly because I did, I tried Paxil and WB, both didn't do shit to me. Although, if you are looking for alternatives that WILL get you high, try Adavan, it's a tranquilizer, they usually are in the form of a small circular pill about 4 mm in diameter, and that shit will fuck you up for a day and a half, be easy on them though, they are addicting...and don't take em at school. I took an Adavan and passed out right when it took effect (20 min), thank god I was able to wake up when the teacher was yelling at me...I just told him I didn't sleep the night before and felt sick. He let me out of glass and then I got a ride str8 home and slept a while.

    I think adavan is the drug they use on patients at hospitals, but I'm not completely sure. All I know is I really couldn't feel shit and i was soooo relaxed. It's like being on PCP without the tripping effects.

    Ah... here I am rambling on again...anyways, my point is, don't fuck with the damn WB, it's not gonna do shit to you. End of story.
  5. thanks alot for that information thats what i wanted to hear peace out.

  6. eat an adderol and stop trying to be creative, haha :)
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HAHAHA^

    Man, my friend used to take aderal at school though he didnt have ADD, and hes smart (1400 on SAT I think). I remember in 10th grade biology we had to get a partner and make like a 20 questions quiz using stuff from our book. He did most of it and we were done like 15 minutes before anyone else, heh.
  8. if you can get some syroquels, try cutting one in half, crush it up and then sprinkle it over a blunt..
  9. Well i auctually have adhd and i have adderal and ritalin (or however you spell it) and it doesn't doo all that much xcept make you concentrate better. hard to explain. it gives you a better high when your on the pill though for somereason because you notice things you would never even think of ever. and its fun.
  10. i never understood doing ritalin , i took reitlan back in the day cause i got ADD , people were allways tryin to buy that shit offa me. Didnt do shit to me besides what it was suppose to do , make me able to concentrate on my college work better and not get as distracted.
  11. well, i know that aderal, is basically like coke in pill form..... lots of people now a days are using it as a substitute, mainly due to the price (really cheap) and the fact that it doesnt have those negative come down effects like coke does. or at least around here...

  12. naw man adderoll is an amphetmaine salt it has nothing liek coke its more like speed .. and it has alota the sam effects but u have to go up in the 80+ mg range
  13. Smoking pills?

    There is a lot of filler in pills. Much more than the active ingredient.

    Unless you can find a way to extract out the good shit from the filler I wouldn't smoke it at all.

    Yuk. I can't even imagine what it would taste like.
  14.'s the downlow on adderal, ritalin, and ADD. i got this info from my dad, whos a physician, so i trust it pretty well.

    If you have ADD, the ritalin or adderal speeds you up to slow you down. it just makes you soo hyper that you get tired and it slows you down, hence why it works for people with a hyperactive disorder.

    If you DON'T have ADD, and you're not already hyper, the ritalin or adderal just speeds you up. it doesn't speed you up enough to slow you down because you aren't already hyperactive.

    Also, i've heard from a friend of mine that when she crushes up the pill and blows it (snort it), she get a different effect, almost cocaine-like.
  15. ^^^^^true^^^^^^^

    I used to snort ritalin all the time b/c one of my ex boyfriends had was great! I would do a couple lines once in a while throughout the day, it was like taking an energy drink! I was so hyper, awake, and talkative. Mixing it with weed was fun too. Very strange high when you mix the two...makes you tired and's weird. Anyway, I wish I could get that stuff again :p

    only problem is, if you'r not careful, it will keep you awake for days
  16. i wish i could get pills

  17. Hey, take a stop by your local highschool and you could...easy as hell. Scary, ain't it?

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