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Question about picking up and dealers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ricky1305, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. So my old dealer stopped selling, so I got a new dealer from a buddy. I picked up an 1/8th off him pretty standard exchange, He asked my name, saved me in his contacts etc. It was strong mids and  a little under an 1/8th.. around 2-2.5 grams I expected this tbh, I'm a first time customer, and he probably expected me to just be a causal one off. The grade usually gets better, once i'm a recognised buyer. So fast forward a week, I want to pick up a 10.. so we arrange a meet up point since he has transport.. dudes taking ages. I have somewhere to be, so I call him up and ask him where he is, tell him i'm at the place waiting. He get's pretty aggressive and raises his voice and says chill out i'm coming. He comes and gives me a 10, which honestly was pretty shit. There was no solid bud, it was grinded up. It probably weighed under a 10 too. Could this be due to me calling him up? it may of irked him. I paid in coins too.. this probably annoyed him also. but I had no notes. Anyway, I want to pick up an 1/4 to a 1/2 ounce.. but i'm fairly sure this guy will rip me off, I got the impression he was annoyed after the last pick up. I'm not a regular to him, this will be my 3rd time picking up from him in a 3 month span. 
    How do I go about asking a dealer to scale it, or the quality of the bud. Normally, I just do the exchange and check the bud when I'm in my car or home. I've never bought anything over a 1/8 before though, so i'm not sure what to expect. I normally meet him, get in his car, then we exchange in the car and I get out. I can't really ask him to scale it in the car or whatever. What happens if I check out the bud in his car and don't like it.. do I say anything?

  2. Tips:
    Only dickhead pay with coins.
    The dealer is a dickhead too for acting like a dick on the phone, in a way he deserved to be paid in coins.
    Dont go to him again if that was grinded.
  3. #3 Bronx Finest, Jun 30, 2013
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    Who buys drugs and pays in coins?I would have told you to take your ass to the store and get some billsIf you don't Like it speak up it's not Like he's gonna shoot you if you don't Like his product. Sent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. My advice, is either have him weight it or no transaction will occur. Do not show money before you see the product and that is weights out good. Find a new dealer though. You are the customer, you shouldn't be skimped or anything. I have a dealer that says he has good mmj but he really just has yard (mids). My new dealer that I've had for over 3 years now is actually my best friend. We smoke up almost daily and has the best bud in town! Just ask around, don't mess with dealers that screw you over just for money.
  5. Yeah tbh I think you wrecked your chances with this dude. I used to say the same thing about how dealers take fuckin forever to serve me.. but then I became a dealer and my perspective changed. They have lives too, usually they will take your call and have 2 or 3 other serves lined up before you.. Just wait.. the thing a dealer hates the most is a persistent customer calling every 5 mins asking where you are. if you really needed the half and HAD to use the current guy, I would call him up and ask him what kind of weed he has first, then ask him if you can get the half, then ask him kindly if he has a scale to verify.. However if you are meeting him somewhere like a parkinglot he might not want to drive around with a scale which is very understandable.
  6. Get a more reliable dealer. Taking too long to get to meetups and shorting you is just bad business practice. No reason to have to deal with that.

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