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  1. Whats up guys,
    Recently ive read a few threads that said peat moss cups are not ok to start MJ in because of a pH issue. Is this true? And if so, what can I do to help myself out because ive got 5 in cups now.
  2. I assume you are talking about the cups and not the Jiffy pellets. There is no problem germinating and growing the seedling in the peat cups. When time to transplant cut the cup off the root ball and plant the soil ball without the cup. The roots have a hard time penetrating the cups, this is why people don't suggest their use. If you take the cup off at transplant time everything will be fine, this would be no different than growing the seedling in a pot or beer cup then removing when planting.


  3. Cool, thanks for the info. Some threads said something about the cups not being pH balanced so I had to ask.
  4. The cups are not pH balanced, but this is of little consequence, because the roots are not growing in the walls of the cup, but in the soil used for germination. If your soil pH of the potting media is close there will be no problems. By the time the roots are at the outside of the cups it is time to transplant, so they will not even grow into the cups. Nothing to worry about, I have used both the pellets and the cups and have no problems growing seedlings in these products.

  5. but why even take a chance if you got ocd like me you'll shy away from anything slightly remote to be a problem.. especially when they are small like that and if you are like me all excited at the beginning of the year.. I say red solo cups just to be safe, they are really easy to break away from the root ball to transplant.. make sure to make slits for drainage!!!
  6. The OP states the seedlings are planted in the cups. This will cause no problems for a germinated seedling. There is no reason to be so anal about a few germinated seedlings that are only going to grow for a few weeks in whatever media their grown in. The roots may not even grow out to the peat cups by transplant time. Absolutely no reason to disturb the seedlings now. "Take a chance" ...on what? There is no risk here.

  7. no sir I was not trying to debate or offend you at all.. I myself am only into this a few years now, expert by no means.. just sayin if I heard it might be bad I'll go a different route.. and I do value your oppinion as well, have a nice day..

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