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Question about PC grow box temps.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Stinkhole, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hello i have a tall tower pc grow box running in my apartment with 2 23 Watt 5000k Daylight bulbs running with 2 fans going , one on the lights and one blowing out of the back of the box for outtake.

    My question is Sometimes i have to hide my pc growbox so that there is no light leaks AT ALL even in the dark so it has to be very well hidden i have a digital thermometer in the box and when the growbox is open and not in stealth mode the temp is around 78-79 farenheit but when i have to hide the box (and i do have to hide it for certain reasons) the temp is running around 94 farenheit....Humitity is around 10 %......bad?

    What i was wondering is what the ideal temperature the box should be at, i dont want to cook my tomatoes and i dont want to start a fire but there is sometimes when i have to pile things on my box and cover all the potential light leaks for instance the back there is a cut out the size a fan the light reflects off of even when against the wall . Should i just add another fan if this temperature is too hot? what will happen?
  2. Temps around the tomatoes should be around 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you have and outake fan in the upper back. Another fan intake located bottom on the front of the PC box and one or two more mou Ted inside the box blowing at the canapy and the lights to move exess heat. That's the best advice. Look at my PC grow its the setup i just said...

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