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Question about Paraphernalia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Medical Regs, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Lets say you get pulled over, they find a bong in your car, what if you were using that for tobacco? Its a water pipe made for using tobaacoo, Idk mann maybe I'm just to fried but i can't think about this to good:bongin::confused_2::bongin::confused_2:
  2. As long as the glass is clean then the police can't assume you were using it for smoking marijuana.
  3. If there's no resin they can't bust you.
  4. Yep as said... If you just picked up the peice at a headshop and its spotless clean, you can swear its for tobacco use only "Sir". If theres any nug res then you will probably get a fine and maybe loose your peice (some cops are nice)

    Edit: Thats how it is in massachusetts anyway..
  5. Get a lockbox it'll fit in and keep it in that. Cops can't search or seize a lockbox without a warrant or your consent, so you won't have to worry about keeping it completely clean.
  6. if its spotless you should be sweet, if you want to be extra careful though throw down some cash on a cheap as pouch of baccy (that you can/cannot smoke depending on your preference) and keep that in the car. Then you have 'proof' its for tobacco use.
  7. One time me and my buddy got pulled over and he had his vape that closely resembles the volcano. But it had no resin or anything, it wasn't even put all the way together, at the end of it all my friend gets a paraphinilia ticket and the cop takes the vape...fuck texas police

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