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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by random_high, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. I'm going to order a few things from the city and I want to know how does the charge show up on the credit card bill? I need to know because I'm going to use my moms credit card (I just turned 18 so I don't have one of my own yet).

    Also what are the chances of my order getting stopped at customs?
  2. I'll send SJ a PM..

  3. answered via PM
  4. Cool, thanks for answering. I'll be ordering in about two days. Can't wait to get my stuff.
  5. i have the same question, as i share a credit card with my parents(pay for what i order) and havent gotten around to getting my own since my 18th birthdayand have some concerns as to what it comes as on the credit card bill. thanks =)

  6. I'll send SJ a pm..
  7. i have the same question, what does it show up on the bill? How come you guys can't just POST the answer, instead of PM'ing everyone who asks?

  8. SJ is the one who owns the shop.. The rest of us just moderate the city..

    Posting the name and adress on the site would give customs what they need to look for so they can confenscate all the packages sent to the US..

    SJ will send this info to you..

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