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Question About Ordering From GC

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by treyisajedi311, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi, im new to this whole forum thing, but anyway, I am above 18 and I was planning on buying something from GC, the only problem is, I am at work most of the day and will most likely not be there when the package comes, does the person who receives the package have to be 18 or older to sign for it?
  2. I know when I ordered, I just picked the cheap shipping with no tracking number. When it was delivered no one was home. No signature was required they just left it at the door
  3. Thanks. Did it say Grasscity or anything like that on it or should I just order from some other site, I still live with my parents who wouldn't be too thrilled with anything like that lol.
  4. as far as I can remember, it didn't say grass city. It did have a white sticker that said glass pipe on it, but it's was very plain looking (didn't stand out). But that was put on by customs.
  5. Okay thanks. Maybe Ill get it and just camp out by the door.
  6. If you have any friends that will let you get it sent to their house, that may be an easy solution
  7. Or an abandoned house.

  8. Hey bro, that prob wouldn't work.
  9. Very true...any houses for sale around you OP?
  10. How long does GC usually take to get your item to you?
  11. I placed my order around christmas time last it took about 8 weeks total. So much shipping traffic that time of year really slowed it down. and I'm sure it got held up in customs for a while.
  12. ooooh there is a house across the street that is up for sale and the guy has moved away. 8 weeks sounds like wayyyy too long though. Ive been looking at tobacco pipes on Ebay, and from what I know, smoking out of a tobacco pipe works just as well.
  13. Yeah, unfortunately that was my experience...oh well though. Just to be safe though, if you do order save the empty house idea for your last option
  14. Yeah if I order from Ebay ill just get it shipped to my house, im sure itll be fine.

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