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Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. The other day I went and got 2 grams of some opium. I was instructed on how to smoke it and how much. Either the blunts we put it in is so big, it doesn't really matter whether or not opium is in it or not, because we'll get really fucked up anyway, or we're not putting enough opium in there. We also put some in a bong and passed that around for a while. I didn't feel any different other than I was really fucked up. But that could be from the many blunts we roll. About how much opium is enough to get about 3-4 people fucked up? And damn that shit tastes bad. Almost makes me not want to smoke it.
  2. it tasted really bad? then maybe it wasnt opium. i dont have any personal experience with the shit, but i heard that it tastes really good and sweet, almost like perfume. ok maybe that wouldnt taste good.. at all.....
  3. if it was red rock then its fake. no such thing.

    if it was black tar or whatever, its possible its cut with a lot of crap and is just not enough to do anything, or maybe you guys just didnt have enough.

    your only supposed to need about a match heads worth each.

    and remember, you can od on the stuff, so dont go smoking like a huge pile or anything.
  4. A match heads worth EACH? That's where we went wrong. I was told just about a match heads worth for a few people. It's def, opium, black puddy like, and where i got it from, well I trust this guy with my life. Always hooking me up with fat sacks too (bout 8.2-8.5g quarter sacks in the bag). Anyway, guess we're not smoking enough, we'll give it another try tonight, maybe I'll try it while I'm straight. Thanks for the help.

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