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Question about online "Legal Bud" orders/quality...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MyTyme, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Hey's it goin'??

    I found this website, and am wondering if anyone's used it, and if so, how was the so-called self-professed "legal buds".

    The only reason I'm considering is, I've just moved 2100 miles, and know nobody with the nugs connection around least not yet.

    Thanks much!!


  2. the only one ive heard that works is "Gold Spice" i think, and it's pretty expensive/
  3. Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Ex-Ses Platinum, Zohai MX, Zohai RX, Yucatan fire. These all will probably get you high. Those are herbal mixtures. But these 'legal BUDS' i see going around the internet are usually crap.
  4. From my experiance if its legal and smokable, its not worth it.

    Just go out one night to a show or something and you're bound to find someone with something or knows a guy or what ever- Other week I found a new dealer by just asking random people at a bus stop if they knew where I could get some and the people that didnt didnt care that I wasted a whole 5 seconds of their time.
  5. Spice diamond or artic synergy is the way to go, spice genie is supposed to be good havent tryed it though. They work and will get you through any drought.
  6. Spice gold and Zohai produce an okay high but Smoke by organix fucks you up big time
  7. QFT!

    You will eventually find some contacts man, the only people who can't find weed aren't looking hard enough =]
  8. there was actually a thread on spice gold, i think titled "spice gold is terrible", but from the posts it seems to me like it actually gets you high. the kid who started the thread more or less had a panic attack from it, but other people replied that they had smoked it and that it was very close to a marijuana high, because it contains synthetic cannabinoids. it was also noted that you can just buy the straight chemical that is grown into/dripped on the bud and just eat it :smoking:
  9. Thats because I heard Salvia is in it.
  10. a panic attack isnt too bad a reaction this girl i smoke with occasionally has an alergic reaction to certain types of mushroom so when sh smoked diamond with me she had vertigo for like 3 days that was some funny shit shes the only person ive ever seen have a negative reaction to it and that was in about a month and a halfs solid smoking of only legal highs(town was dry)

  11. Wrong. Salvia would make you trip for 5 minutes. It's actually a THC analog called JWH-018.

  12. Wrong?

    I read a thread from a where a guy got the ingredients list.
    Verbascum genus (carrier herba)
    Aesculus genus (Escin and Esculin free)
    Salvia genus (sclarea)
    Cinnamomum genus (leaf only, no bark)
    An endogenous primary amide

    I never said the herbal blend didn't have a THC anlog, I just said it may contain Salvia which have made an uncomforably mild trip experience when they smoked enough unlike other herbal blends.

  13. Point taken. There IS a salvia in the blend. However, Salvia sclarea has no psychoactive effects. Happy?

    I was going with the assumption you were talking about Salvia divinorum, which is what most people on this forum mean when they say salvia, since it actually does have psychoactive effects.
  14. dont they all suck they barely give a buzz
  15. Get spice gold, it will get you baked:smoking: e-bay has it!

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