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Question about one hitters

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by trams renots, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I have never smoked by myself and I thought about using a one hitter that looked like a cigarette. My question is how good do they work? How do you use them? How do you clean it? What does stealthy mean? What is resin?
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    Welcome to the forum as i see this is your first post. First off there are a ton of repeat threads here so i would suggest that you use the search button for small questions rather than making threads, so you don't upset people but it's no big deal.

    As far as your questions go, my friend has a one hitter cigarette piece it and it works very well. The cap screws off and you load it up and screw it back on and light it up. Works very well with the roaches of blunts too.

    Many different ways to clean pieces I'd go ahead and search that. Some people use alcohol to clean them others boil their pieces in water. I've heard soaking it in alcohol works much better but i've only ever boiled my glass pipe. Stealthy would mean "sneaky" as it looks much less suspicious smoking a cigarette looking object than a big colorful glass pipe. Resin is the black burnt left over tar-ish type residue left in your pipe/bowl after smoking. Hope that helped.
  3. not ot threadjack but i ahv a question too. ive been thinking about getting one

    are one hitters even worth getting? does one bowl get you high? cause i dont really seethe point of just re filling the bowl a bunch of times instead of getting a normal piece
  4. metal ones suck. buy glass.
  5. I had one and never really used it. I never go a good hit off it. Even if your smoking alone just pack a small bowl and toke it up. I had smoked a one hitter a bunch of times. I prefer anything over it.
  6. ive made my one hitter out of a drilled out drum stick, they work good to me
  7. Hello, One hitters are the shit been smoking out of one on a daily bases for 8 years now. It is my favor smoking device and i have pretty much every type of glass, I dont have a vape. I will put a one hitter up against anything when smoking alone. I do not care for the cig or any metal one hitter. They get to hot clogg easier and on the cig one the paint will start to peel in about 6 months.
    Yes one bowl pack in a .1 gram bat will get you high, its not really a one hit more like 3 to 5. I can pull masive hits of my 4 inch bat.
    Answer to your questions:
    1: They work great if you know how to use them correctly. Its diff then most pipe, to light quickly hit with the flame about the same time it takes to light a cig and then a long slow inhale.

    2: You use a one hitter buy pack the bowl LOL. Sorry honestly there are two methods that are the easiest. One is to buy a dugout and use the dug out and one hitter to gather, dugouts can be annoying because the bud side often gets mashed down making it difficult to pack the pipe. The second one and the one that I use on a daily bases is to take a stash jar and grind up the bud that I have. I then take the one hitter and put it in the jar and press down to pack the bowl. I then gently tap the one hitter up against the inside of the jar to knock off any losley packed bud ( so that it doesnt fall out and waste bud). The jar method is the easiest I typically do this on a daily bases smoking for about 5 to 7 hours which is about a gram to gram and half of bud.

    3: How to clean the pipe is easy again one hitters are different then most pipes. You dont want to complety clean the one hitter. A clean or new one hitter will pull the bud or ashes through. A small amount of resin left in the pipe will work as a natural screen. I have made a pipe cleaning rod for my one hitter. Its very simple take a wire clothes hanger at the bottom of the clothes hanger is a straight piece of metal. Cut both corners of the straight part that meets the bend. Then take a cork ( i use a wine cork) and shove one end of the metal in to the cork about half way in. Pull the metal out and put glue down the hole and then re insert the metal and let dry. This will work perfectly for one hitters or chillums.

    4: Resin is a black tar like residue that builds up in a pipe from smoking weed in it.

    5) Often one hitters are consider a stealth method because you can take one hit of pot out somewhere and put the pipe in your pocket. Since is is small and looks like your lighting a cig you can take hits in a public places, without drawing alot of attention.

    I'm a big fan of one hitters and chillums. I currently own 10 of these pipe, If any one has questions about one hitters and chillums please feel free to send me a Pm. I can confidently say there is notthing that I dont know about this pipe or how to smoke them.
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    My god, I did the same thing! I used the end of a drumstick and a socket. I thought it was genious and no one else would think of it. Guess I was wrong. But anyways to try and answer the question, I love using my "little jack." (cigarette looking one hitter) I feel like it helps me conserve my herb when I'm low, and it's great for public places. I mean, I wouldn't use it in front of a police officer or in front of someone who is staring me down, but from a distance it looks very convincing and I feel like I get a good high from about 3 or 4 packs of dank. It's not much of a hassle to re-pack it once you get used to doing it smoothly. The cigarette one I use has a metal tip which makes it easy to kind of slice into a nug real quick and get a good pack that you may end up getting a nice second hit out of. If it gets clogged or a lot of resin build up, I just put a paper clip through it, sometimes with running warm water to get all the stuff out.

  9. I use a cigarette style one hitter myself, the thing was worth all the money it cost me! an entire.... 10 dollars.. lol

    how do they work? you put weed in the bowl......

    how do you use them? you put your mouth on the end that isn't a bowl and light the end that is a bowl....

    how do you clean it? actually a legit question, lol, I have a kebab stick I push through it, works great.

    what does stealthy mean? ...xD it looks like a CIGARETTE which is LEGAL therefore you seem to be partaking in approved activities as opposed to unapproved activities... pretty simple.

    what is resin? all that tarry-ness that builds up after smoking bud out of a piece for a while. phr33 TH s33
  10. I've been out of town for the summer staying with relatives and trying to be sneaky with a pipe was a pain in the ass. So I got a little glass one-hitter and life is so much easier haha- I can carry it around in my pocket already loaded for the perfect time to slip outside. Can't say it's my favorite toking tool tho, or even close to it- it's a little harsh on the throat... The best part tho is that I got crafty and made a waterfall bong out of a soda bottle with a hole in the cap for the one-hitter to slide into- works like a charm and the bottle itself is stealthy too. I keep it in plain sight and no one notices :)
    So in other words, would I recommend a one-hitter: YES.
  11. i got a one hitter and it ownes. it conserves so much weed
  12. DUGOUTS ARE THE BEST. i just bought one at the start of summer and my god why have i never bought one. its if your going out, you have just one thing to keep your nugs and a peice in, its fairly small, if you get a plain wooden one its pretty inconspicuous. keeps smell in decently enough (better than a plastic baggy imo). really really really simple to pack. and yea the weed gets compressed sometimes, but just scrape it all out with something thing then just put it back in and your good to go. yea batties are the shit. if all you smoke is one hitters for a while youll eventually get just as stoned as you would a bowl. its just if you smoke blunts, joints, bongs, and pipes like a chimney one battie is gonna seem like childs play, but you can always keep packin
  13. Tried it once, bud shot right into my mouth.

    I will still to my vaporizer, thank you :}
  14. Yes.
    Probly not.
    The point is to save weed. Most people roast more weed than they normally need to get high in a normal bowl. Using A one hitter, you sneak up on the high slowly using smaller amounts of weed, and you stop just when youve smoked enough.
  15. I use a Dugout and a glass one hitter 90% of the time. I like it because I don't usually smoke with other people, it is easy to keep hidden and all your shit is in one little package. No need for a baggie and separate pipe.
    They only shoot ash in to your mouth if you draw too hard when it is clean. I clean mine regularly with an alcohol soaked pipe cleaner.
  16. i do enjoy my 1 hitter, it's awesome. i think it's the security of knowing i look like a cig smoker and noone will question me. my question though, for tobacco use, why would someone use these??? "taster pipe" like what? in tobacco use, what are onehitters, bats, whatever u want to call them used?
  17. Why would someone use a pipe that is disguised as a cigarette to smoke tobacco?

  18. i have no idea, which is why i'm confused as to why head shops can carry them
  19. That's just a trick Headshops do, advertise it for tobacco, or various "legal smoking herbs"

    Sent from my Spaceship, high as hell.

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