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  1. I plan on growing 2 Auto #1's in a dresser grow box, with 2 80cfm fans for exhaust/intake, and I'm just wondering if having a jar of Ona will mask most of the smell.

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    ONA is a great method of SUPPLEMENTAL odor   it works great as a back-up or in conjunction with a proper method of odor control.   You will not believe how much 2 plants can stink.....ONA works by masking the the smell but definitely does not remove it.   Once in full flower, ONA will not be able to mask the stench of yummy buds.    
    Safety and odor control should be a #1 priority on any grow no matter how big or small.    Invest in a proper carbon filter and fan set-up, and you wont have to worry.    Add in ONA as a back-up (what I do), and you will be 99.9% odor free.
  3. Well the problem with small grows without having a carbon filter is removing all the odor, if you want someone to just walk into your room and not notice a smell then you are going about it the wrong way and want to look into a carbon filter because that will remove all the odor. There is plenty of ways to replace the odor, but people will notice that too. 
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