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Discussion in 'General' started by Wander, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. I got a question, i have like 10 oxy contin, i just found em and they are pretty old, do they have like an expiration date or anything where they go bad or anything do they, if they do, what would happen if u still took em? thanks.
  2. Don't take them. They are very bad.
  3. are you just saying that cuz....they are oc....or becuz they are expired and can kill me...? :\
  4. OC can kill you, expired or not.
  5. godammit i know that but thats not whut im asking, can someone reply that can answer my question
  6. dont take them, they can kill you. what more do you need to know?

  7. You could die in a car crash, don't ever get in a car again. Oxycontin is very safe if your not a moron. Don't take any more than 20mgs to start and don't drink and you'll have a great time. Its the retards that snort 10 pills at a time that give it a bad name. Also, don't make it a habit, it can be addictive.

  8. yea, thats kind of the problem, man.
  9. so if they are like a year old, im not goin to like die or nothin? lol
  10. well you could have been honest with him and told him that instead of just spreading government-like propaganda
  11. they'll be fine dude, just remember its not like weed, its a powerful drug.
  12. alrite man thx, didnt wanna kill myself from eatin old oc
  13. I think almost every medicine bottle I've had says expiration date: 1 year after it's issued. So eh. But for real man. Oxycontin is like doin heroin.
    "it can be addictive"
    It IS addictive.
    I mean, I would do it. But if I had a supply of them, I wouldn't do it more than once a month. Don't snort the shit unless you have someone there that knows about it. Cause oxycontin is time released if you just take it orally like you're supposed to. But if you crush it up and snort a whole pill, it'll kill you. For an 80mg pill, you shouldn't snort more than 1/4th or 1/5th of the powder made by 1 pill.
    I'm hesitant to tell you about the snorting details, but I would rather you be informed than read somewhere "you can snort oxycodone (what's in oxycontin)" and mistake the 80mg dose for like a 5mg.
    By the way I've never snorted anything.
  14. the oc's i have are only 20 mgs each , so i could take like , 2 at once right? would be kew?
  15. if you've never done opiates before just take one
  16. I've done it several times and taking a 20mg pill whole still gets me feelin nice.

  17. You totally missed the point. OC is probably the most addictive drug there is, and its harmful. I'm not doing some government propaganda, I'm just telling him that I wouldn't get into OC.
  18. alright, but the way you said it you made it sound like he would die within 10 mins of taking the pill. anything can be addictive, just don't be a moron about it.
  19. ya i was asking if they are takable, not if they were goin to kill me from addiction....
  20. theyre fine...the half life of OC is way beyond a year....

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