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Question about obtaining a job in the Cannabis industry

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Business and Industry News' started by JohnnyEvergreen, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. So, I've seen several threads were people ask how they get a job in their state(legal) and although the information helps, I find myself on the outside looking in sort of speak.

    I live in a state that has harsh cannabis laws. So I don't have the chance yet to get a license or get information from any company what so ever. So as I sit here, I have over the past several weeks sent word to several companies outside of my state. With no avail. It seems if you aren't in the actual state or better yet, don't have the typical licensing or badges required they will not reply. So I'm at a stale mate.

    My goal with this thread is to possibly get feedback from some of you guys with experience in the industry. See I speak of wanting to join the on going industry but want to do it the right way. I don't just want to join some bullshit company that doesn't give a shit about anything but money, I'd like for it to be a company that cares for its product and not just that but the way it conducts is business.

    Anyways I digress, my first question.
    • To go about gaining access into the industry, what should my first stop be?
    Are we talking me having to move out of state? Even then it seems like you've got to have experience. So, even though I have some I can't technically prove that...(not legal here) I mean, I understand everyone wants to get into the industry but a good bit seem to be thinking so for reasons underlying the best intentions.

    My reasons are for the benifit of others. To establish a connection with the plant and people around me and to gain as much knowledge as I can, to pass on. Where does the road start though? I mean fuck . No one so far like I've said will even give me feedback. People with more than enough experience and better yet a legal infrastructure to stand on I assume just skim right over my questions. Life's not fair and I get that, but I can't just walk out my back food and start my own business at this point. I'd go to jail. FOR A PLANT

    Sorry I fell of topic slightly again, I am just frustrated as it is something I take very serious and have aspirations to attain. Just right now feel as though I am stuck in a box and am looking for ways to break down the walls. I'll get out and into the world i vision one day, but get tired of waiting.

    Any answers or experience to help are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work guys. We all get to were we want in life, as long as the motivation and compassion stays present. From the heart comes the most amble of ambitions.

    J Evergreen
  2. Nice letter. I like plain folks

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