Question about nutmeg and weed??

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  1. I've done nutmeg, just the essential oils, not the powder or nut and I've smoked weed a lot and they both give off very similar highs. Are there any similarities with how they both effect the brain? So do the psychoactive compounds of nutmeg have any CBd agonism? Sorry about any text errors. I've tried to find that out but haven't been able to find any stable answers. I've never combined the two though. The only real difference between the two I've noticed is cannabis gives off a more abrupt intense experience but its much shorter. Nutmeg isn't quite as intense as cannabis but it lasts many hours. Thx in advance
  2. I don't know about you, but Nutmeg gives me a headache, but strangely Cinnamon does not. I really do not recommend you smoke Tarragon or Rosemary though!
  3. Please obey the rules.|
    Other substances aside from "Cannabis, Alcoh ol, Tobacco(Cigarretes and vape)" are not meant to be discussed Nutmeg is a deliriant and works by antagonizing the production of acetylcholine it has no effect on cannabinoid receptors This is all I will say before this post gets taken down I don't want to incriminate myself. So go take a look at Wikipedia.
    Nutmeg's for your food bro, stick to it for that. I can make some bomb bread pudding with it you want the recipe?
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  4. Interesting, I tried Nutmeg when I was 14 or 15, and it did not work, just gave me a few strange dreams
  5. THanks that's all I needed to know. I won't post anything other then cannabis, alcohol, or cigarette related questions.
  6. How about salt and pepper, maybe some pork rub

    On my pork chops
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  7. I like a brown sugar rub on my smoked pork ribs. YUM!
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  8. [​IMG] brown sugar, Chipotle, cinnamon. It's time too party.....

    With a big pork butt
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  9. Nutmeg
    Why should need nutmeg and weed

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