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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with northern lights ?
    I've only heard good things about the strain and wanted to go grow some but what is the rough time scale for them ? from like seed - harvest? I've heard there quick finishers and i wanted to do some into for x-mas so just wanna make sure i have enough time.
    And i've heard that they don't produce too much smell until the last few weeks is that true? I was looking to have about 2 plants going. And what kinda of yield could i expect ?

    Any information would help me out a lot, as i've only grown 2 sets of automatics

    I was looking to use a 125w CLF and i've got all the mylar from another grow and i've got 2 other smell LED grow lights that i tend to focus on the bottom of the plant.
  2. Wish I could help more, I've been doing a lot of research on this particular strain myself but I still have some ?'s too.

    Medicinal quality Indica, highly adaptive plant indoors, 6-8 weeks flowering, I've heard NL has really good yields, but that will depend on the lighting and nutrients, etc. And I've heard it's a pretty strong smelling plant all the way through. I think there's at least one current grow journal growing NL indoors, ch-check it out

    Good luck!
  3. Nirvana seeds has a NL autoflower that would finish in about 70 days from seed to harvest. Normal seeds will be atleast 5 weeks to mature and another 7-8 for flower.
  4. I grew out Nirvana's NL a few years back. Pretty boring overall IMO but one heck of a yielder and it's pretty hardy. Potency and flowering times were both pretty average. Odor when growing was not terrible but it was in no way stealthy at all. So basically it was a hardy, high-yielding plant that was otherwise very average. There are some pics in my gallery of one NL I did.

    BTW, the ONLY strain I ever grew that I would consider consistantly stealthy odor-wise was Cinderella 99. Now that I think of it I did have a Kush cross (Dr C's Troublemaker) that smelled exactly like lemon furniture polish but I only grew out one so that may or may not be the norm for that strain.
  5. My first strain was a NL x skunk cross.

    It was hardy, managed to survive me anyway hehe.
  6. Okay thanks guys about the NL

    what would you say is the best/quickest to grow indoors then? are there anything that would take about 2 1/2 months from seed too harvest?
    And this time i'm gonna try and stay away from the auto's i haven't had a great yield off them and i heard there not great yield wise. And when it comes to the northern lights, would about 2 air freshers cover the smell cos i live in a block of flats where there's 5 other flats, so the smell for me is an issues and i can't really get all the carbon filter stuff, and time is the other issue i was looking to get some seeds off EDIT, i always order from them.
  7. I dont believe there are any regular strains (not-auto) that will finish in 2 1/2 months. If you could get some clones you could finish those in 2 1/2 months, but nothing else from seed. And anything that is only gonna take 2 1/2 months isnt gonna yield that much compared to one that you veg for atleast a month before you flower.
  8. Do you think auto would be the best bet again ? The auto i grew before said they were only meant to take 2 months but took way longer, Can you recommend any quick auto's ?
  9. I might try for some auto blueberry, i just spent the last 20 minutes reading someone's grow journal on here and it seems like a pretty good grow e.g time/smell issues. But gonna invest in some more CFL's i don't really think the led's grow lights i got were that great. But i just don't seem to get a great yield, maybe cos i'm a newbie so any other cheap indoor growing tips would be great, like is the soil really that important? i just stuck my others in miracle grow soil and they seemed to like it, i tried a different soil once and my seedling just seemed to die :s
  10. Yeah I dont really recommend autos for quality or yield, but if time is your main priority I think they are the way to go. I just checked out Nirvana though and all their autos are sold out except for the short ryder. You can always check out attitude or the other seed sites. gl
  11. no nirvana anyway.... seriously... they took my money in a flash... three days till a month i purchased my beans... nothing.... and this is nothing unusual...

    barneys... attitude... anything but nirvana
  12. That sucks. When I ordered from them, I got my beans in 7 days (it was christmas time too) and I live in AZ. 7 months later I send them a message to let them know out of 10 beans, only 3 popped, so they sent me 10 more. Got those ones in five days. Nobody is perfect though, shit happens sometimes.

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