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  1. So a year back (I think) I had been hearing good things about the nirvana seeds. So I picked up their blue mystic and it sat around the pad for a while and I did not pop it into the ground till a couple weeks ago. No problem with Germination or anything yet. So I placed a second order for the wonder woman and the AK-48, as usual they came promptly and decently stealth. So I was looking for something new/different. I have only had one bad exp with a seed bank (you guess which.) but from that I learned to really research before I buy. I was looking at the PPP and urban poison, and started looking for customer reviews (not the ones located on their site) As I am searching I started to notice that there has been a wave of negativity about this company. Specifically about their genetics. Couple quotes that kinda made me leery was "Nirvana used to be really good but they have gone down hill lately" And "Stay away from nirvana's Autoflowers and femmed seeds as they are problematic" I started seeing more and more comments like this. So.......

    Is Nirvana starting to have crap genetics?
    Is it really worth it to pay a bit more for seeds?

    or are these comments from people who simply suck at growing?
  2. Im in the industry so have to be a little impartial but Nirvana have been proppa rip off merchants in the past. Its reported they have changed there ways but whats that thing about a leapord changing its spots.

    In the past they have made an attempt at plants such as AK47 thing is it was not even related to AK47 the name was stolen but nirvana changed the name to AK48 (wow thats much better) after complaints. They have done the same with that BS they call White Rhino.

    Nirvana have always had sub standard genetics and a large array of phenos lol.

    In my opinion Sweet seeds is in the same price range try there seeds out. Green Poison and jack 47 are awesome

    As for paying a little more for seeds well you will get what you pay for. But just check like you did with nirvana to make sure your not getting ripped off
  3. thanks for your input!
    Glad I have not dropped a lot of cash with them. Might have to look else where. Any strain suggestions. I am looking for both bag appeal and effect.
  4. I can recomend lots but a must have is jack 47 its that knock you on your ass stinks like a skunks ass kinda weed. Or if you want a buzzy high barneys farm blue cheese is good but expect lots of phenos with barneys farm. Our customers buy lots of pineapple express seeds but dont expect a large yield from any auto.
  5. yeah been smoking on a cheese variation for a bit now (AMS), Jack 47 looks fantastic think that one is going on my x-mas list for sure. speaking of sweet seeds what is your take on the cream caramel? I am about to finish up a run with carmelicious (AMS) and it was one of my favorites taste wise.

    and thanks for your time

    also your take on black jack?
  6. never tried cream caramel but it sounds awesome but i want to taste it so badly i think the high will be like afghan but i like the taste of weed more than anything :D. Black jack is a great smoke not as potent as jack 47 but has a bigger yield. Green poison is a tastey treat if you like the old school skunk taste.

    I wouldn't touch AMS as they have very few happy customers lol.
  7. yeah about AMS first order I was happy with, the second they got me, hence the research first approach now. Never again. Check the GJ in the sig, from my exp their stuff is not that bad but actually delivery is their main issue. thanks for looking out thinking I might go with the Jack 47 and the cream caramel, on the next order.

    and thanks again for the input.
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    I have used Nirvana's seeds for Y-E-A-R-S, and they are kind of fun in a grab-bag sort of way. I believe that most of Nirvana's seeds are simple crosses, some f-2's and some f-3-4's in the offerings. so with that in mind what you get is a packet of seeds that is bred toward a specific aim, but not more than one specific aim, like you would get with something back crossed a billion times and breds 'true'. If you want something that breeds with a specific size, pheno, taste and high, you don't buy nirvana seeds. If you want something that could be any pheno, but has a specific taste or a specific high you will probably get what you are looking for in a couple of packets of 10 seeds.

    I buy lots of packets and i grow them all out looking for what i want. If it grows rapidly you have a fast matureing and therefore probably fast flowering plant, you rub the stems and leaves at 2-4 weeks and you get a good idea of the aromatics of the plant, you keep anything that smells good, look at the pheno's and deciede what you can live with for height, width and disposition, you look at what the plants are doing with your feeding efforts and pull the ones that don't conform to the way you feed plants. Then you yank the one that grow out male, you yank the little wankers that take 6 weeks to sex, you yank anything that smells like the backside of a bull...unless you desire superstank weed. What you have left often are really good pheno's with pleasant smell and when you grow them out completely you can hunt for the one with the high that you like and clone that baby for years. Nirvana's is a cheep way to find some killer bud (yes, they too have some killer bud potential) for anyone with either lots of time, likes to dick with their plants, isn't in business or doesn't have a huge amount of cash on hand.

    I would tell anyone to try Nirvana, because in spite of the pheno's being all over the place and the colours and the flowering times being somewhat inconsistent, they make a good plant for what ever reason. I have a couple of real 'keeper' in my veg room, along with some pricey genetics that cost too damned much.

    White Widow: I like Nirvana's WW's high. It's very sativa-y. Acutely high is what i would call it, with no confusion and no stone, just buzz, some energy and excruciatingly peircingly high. Rapid onset, doesn't stick around grow lots. Reddest eyes ever, buy some eye drops.

    Papaya: Everyones favorite in the bag, from any pheno of any size grown in any environment. It looks like pot should look. It's 'greasy' in feel...i kid you not, it's greasy like oily in touch not sticky.. with lots of trichs and all of the pheno's smell about the same, stinky fruit mixed with skunk juice, or fruit pulled out of a skunk's ass. The high is a lot like someone hitting you over the head with a hammer, makes communicating a real problem..not that you have many thoughts lefts. I once found that i had spent an hour watching something dumb on tv because i couldn't engage my right hand enough to reach for the clicker on the next cushion over :)
    and forget about sex, don't give your girl this, she will just drool on you.

    Blue Mystic: Most cure out to a slight berryish flavour, if flavour is your thing i'd buy the bubblicious tho, it's much better on flavour. Balanced high-buzz-stone, with some variation in the plants you grow, some more of one than the other. Some i have found to be confusion causing weed, some aren't, you just have to clone what works for you and yank the ones that you don't like. Some colour blue to purple, most don't. They all make nice triches, small buds but lots of them, and the plants smell great growing. This is a good stealth plant, just look for the lowest odour one you have growing and go with that one. Makes you eat, warning, makes you eat...lots. I once woke to find that i had eaten a bowl of Nutella and noodles mixed together. yikes!

    California Orange: You can tell within 3-4 weeks of growing this plant what you have as far as orange smell goes, rub the stems and leaves and select the ones without the skunk hit, and you will find the fruity pheno's. Active high, pretty consistent, no drag, no confusion.

    PPP: They need to look at this one for repurposing at Nirvana. They tend to hermie. The others don't. I like PPP tho, they get HUGE and make LOTS of sativa leaning weed, only need so-so soil because they are sensative to over ferting, don't need 'tending' and have a great smell and flower rapidly.

    Bubblicious: This is worth years of hunting in my opinion, because the flavour of the real bubblegum one is worth it's weight in gold. This brand is no different than the expensive ones in my opinion, you still have to find the prize. Rub the plants, cuddle and inhale them, you will know when you find 'the one'. The high is fairly consistent with all the plants tho, happy, content, buzzy and not stoned unless you amber it up a fair bit. Makes you smile, makes you laugh. The prized plant has this unbelievable inhale and exhale of a thick wad of bazooka joe pink bubblegum and it's unbelievabley popular for bong and vape.

    Northern Lights: Looks like milk got spilled on a number of this lines pheno's. very white look when it's almost finished, great 'bagappeal' like they say. All high, little body interaction for something that always grows out indica pheno'ed, not buzzy or stoney if picked when clear triched, more body with cloudy and amber. It's worth a run, it's fairly consistent and easy to grow and it's a nice smoke. Also a minimal odour weed like the Blue Mystic. Good daytime high without looking stupid or giggly and it doesn't seem to cause much munchies if intake is an issue.

    Citral: Neet smell. Low key, floral, easy to hide. Lots of colours, most low to the ground, will accept less than steller lighting.

    Will keep editing if I remember more.
  9. holy fuck man that was long, I had to DL a program to read that all for me.:) Thanks as you did answer one of my questions about the PPP and covered what I am to expect with the blue mystic. Currently I have over 20+ strains from all over, all but 2 are indica dominate. I like the high associated with them, I have not grown out all of the strains but am wowrking on it. I just like to have a large varity to choose from. I would like something new as I have smoked every strain that I have bought at some point in my life, that being the reason I bought them in the first place. Like I stated eariler I have been researching more before I sink money into something, and have heard the Nirvana is sketchy. But I have looked at the growing conditions that people who bitch about them and personally I think their conditions are shit. (you can't expect to yield a 1/4lbs growing under a couple cfl's) but at the same time I have seen quality growers complain about them too. Being that I fall somewhere in the middle I don't want to gamble. I have three nirvana strains now so I think my best bet is to actually give something new a try and judge the Nirvana when it is finished growing.

    Thanks again.
  10. Mandala is good.
  11. Nirvana = entry level genetics IMHO.

    If you can find a strain that is common (ie Super Skunk, NL, AK, JH, Bubble, strains everyone has a version of ), and Nirvana has it ..your pretty safe. And at the price a novice grower can fuck up a bit, without the $$ for equipment Vs.genetic decisions that can happen. For example a grower can wait till a good weekend and get 50 seeds ( 5 strains) from Nirvana for the price of one ten pack of TGA, Cali Con, Rez, etc...

    SkunkPat hit it on the head about the inconsistency of their offspring, so sticking to old strains is the key if ordering Nirvana .

  12. thanks for the input Wharf, the nirvana strains I have aside from the Wonder woman are strains that can be bought from several breeder so with your comment it set my mind at ease a bit. But makes me wonder about the other strains I have. So if you guys don't mind please rate the strains/breeders listed below. Don't worry you can be harsh/truthful as you want, I wont cry well at least you wont see me and I will never tell you.

    Cheese (dinafem) - freebie
    Roadrunner auto (dinafem) - freebie
    lady purple (De Sjamaan)
    lavender (Soma)
    Berry bomb (bomb seeds)
    Wonder woman (nirvana)
    Blue Mystic (nirvana)
    ak-48 (nirvana)
    Bubblegummer (x-line?)
    Original skunk #1 (seedman)
    haze (KC brains) - freebie
    Cristal Paradise (kc brains) - freebie
    BRASIL (KC brains) - freebie
    Cheese (AMS) - grown and decent but pheno all over too
    sleestack (DNA) - Freebie
    candy kush (Reserva Privada) - Freebie
    Carmelicious (AMS) - grown and decent but low female to male ratio (1/6 female) otherwise can't complain.

    I know I have more but can't think of them off the top of my head. also if you have any choice picks feel free to suggest, and if you have time stop by the grow and critique, I won't be offended by criticism as it will only make my shit better.

    And again thanks for your input.

  13. Cheese (dinafem) - freebie......Insufferable smell sometimes, like week old bagged cheese danish'es with green stuff growing on them.
    lady purple (De Sjamaan) this company. purple is an outside plant, will be too big and too unhappy inside.
    lavender(Soma).....Soma seeds has good genetics, but the seeds offered are often a mixed bag of shit. One favorable looking seed or two to grow, 2 hoplessly fucked, a handful of small unmarked ones and one that looks like it has pucker lines running thru it. Too early harvest, too late pollenation, other issues. The one that grows will be awesome.
    Wonder woman (nirvana)...I like Nirvana. Always have. In the days when we still ripped the back of the high times cover off and mailed money with the clipped out order form from it, there was only a few company's that always sent your stuff...and this is my mindset and this is what I remember about a company. Nirvana was one of them from it's inception about 16 years ago, they mess with you the least. No sense finding a 'great genetic' if they won't send it to you. Nirvana is a user friendly company.
    Blue Mystic (nirvana)...see above.
    ak-48 (nirvana).....I like. Look for cherry or lemon pheno's.
    Bubblegummer (x-line?)...feemale seeds x-line. I grew 5 packs looking for the bubblegun flavoured one and found none, but the plants were a very favourable high with fast flowering and easy to grow stock. No hermies. Think Wizball likes this company for it's low hermie rate and decent prices. I like Serious seeds Bubblegum, but it's expensive. Nirvana seeds bubblegum is good, I have grown about 70 of them over the years, it's a family favorite.
    Original skunk #1 (seedman)...sams stuff is highly variable, some good, some I am left wondering about. I have had some good Thai mixes from him though. He was more prevelant years ago.
    haze (KC brains) - freebie...People love to laugh about KCBrains, deal is that no one ever writes a smoke report on anything they have ever grown out from there, becasue they are all too busy putting this company down :) to grow it. 2 weeks back I planted MindBender, White KC, Swiss XT, KC33, Leda Uno, Brains Damage, Danky Doodle(DD, Double D), Brains Haze Special, and Brains Choice. It's the Leda Uno I was after, nice stable lemon high with good balance. Will post as they come in,,, be a few months tho.
    Cheese (AMS) - grown and decent but pheno all over too....too cheesy for me.
    sleestack (DNA) - Freebie....This was nice a few years ago, very frosty. Anything from DNA is worth working with.
    candy kush (Reserva Privada) - a smoke report when you are done with it.
  14. thanks SP, any second opinions.
  15. I tried growing the Haze Special from KC Brains. Out of a 10 pack, one germed, and it was a male. It may not have been KC Brains, I ordered them from Dr. Chronic just before he took his forum down, so the seeds might have been old. I've got the Sleestack x SK1 and Kandy Kush x SK1 flowering right now, so I can't speak about the smoke, but the Sleestack x Skunk gets a little tall if you veg until preflower. Might want to do some kind of training as Sleestack has even more sativa than the cross I have.
  16. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the link, that was a great read! Friggin thing looked like a green giant poinsetta plant. Always said the pheno's were all over the place but that thing was about the oddest attempt at cannabis I've ever seen.
  17. I'm growing some Kaya Gold from Nirvana now (3 flowering, 2 clones vegging) and it was a huge step up from bagseed. Unfortunately I can't comment on how it compares to more expensive brands as I have only just planted my freebie TH Seeds Kushage and Dinafem White Widow, but it looks good so far (from birthday promo in March). No hermie so far and honestly due to extremely poor planning the two in flower went through a lot of BS and I am quite lucky they are even alive. I also got Mandala's Safari mix (20 mixed seeds for about the price of 10) and I am happy with that as well. Expect variation with the Safari Mix though as it is literally 20 god knows what seeds lol. If you do look into Mandala go on their website as they have excellent resources and info about their strains.
  18. so nirvana = garbage IYO? well from that link it is pretty apparent. thanks for the input. glad I did not sink hella cash into it.

    @ SP: thanks for you input as well and I do know that the purp is an out door. Those seeds are for the future, should be coming up on some land here soon (praying it goes through before spring)

    anyone else got opinions on the seed/breeder list on page 1?
  19. Just popped a northern lights and a super skunk regular seeds and a pineapple chunck into sum paper towls hope they turn out...

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