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question about niacin.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DrugTestsSuck, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I get drug tested through an iop program twice a week, mondays and wednesdays... i smoked a blunt wednesday night after my test, and thursday night... i have a bottle of 500 mg Niacin and i have been taking 1 tablet a day for 2 days, 1/2 a tablet at a time. Is this enough for me to clear my system by monday? and also i was wondering how i can keep my niacin levels very low so they don't accuse me of cleansing for my program, obviously i wont take any tablets on monday but is there anything else i can do to keep my levels down? help is appreciated, thanks.:smoking::bongin:
  2. any help please?
  3. Just be drinkin a lot of water, dont take a pill the day of a test.

    I think youll be okay.

    shit i passed tests 3 days before by drinkin water alone.
  4. you should actually be able to take 1000mg/day without overdosing. be careful though, depending on your diet, because you naturally get B3 from all kinds of different foods. to answer your question though, i would up the dose to the threshold and lay off the weed man while you're being dt'd. i know it's not easy nor fun, but that's the only sure-fire method of passing a dt. but if you're defiant, which i'm sure you will be, then like i said do the 1000mg/day and exercise (cardio) 40 minutes/day intermediately. as always, drink plenty of water.

    urine test will not look for vitamins.
  5. Take a vitamin B-12 so they won't question you flushing your system.
  6. thanks for the input, i havent been smoking very much at all, i used to smoke 3-5 times a day and so just the occasionally blunts now are sick as shit cause i figure i can blaze up once or twice a week and get it outta my system real fast... hope it works
  7. a bit confused, how will this affect my vitamin B3 levels?
  8. If you drink a lot of water, your piss will come out clear, and from what I hear, they question that. If you take a vitamin B-12, it fixes that. Or something like that, who knows. I'm stoned haha
  9. oh yeah well that is the case for most tests, however they actually test the pH, creatine levels, and shit like that at the lab so diluting it that way wont actually work
  10. Oh alright. Well that's good to know. Sorry I can't help.
  11. i think he's referring to a b complex vit. most of the time b12 is a b complex. this provides you with all of the b vitamins so you can legitimately say that you're showing b3 levels due to the b complex vitamin.

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