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  1. what are good neuts i can feed my plant with?, something i dont have to buy maybe something organic? and when do neuts need to be added to my plant? will this work..

    Osmocote® controlled release fertilisers provide six or more months of hassle-free fertilising, delivering all essential plant nutrients including trace elements. The fertiliser is released according to soil temperature.

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  2. Those are the last things you want to give your plant.
  3. come? what do you use
  4. You want to be able to control the food. You want to put your plant on a feeding timeline. with those sticks you lose control of your grow. If there is ever a problem you cannot flush with those sticks in your soil You also cannot flush the ferts out at harvest time. All and all they are just not for MJ plants.

    I use fox farms trio pack with fox farms soil.

    Good luck friend.
  5. lol i dont even know what to feed it with though!! there like these little beads not stick like at all. I spose the real question here is.. are there any priceless organic like alternatives i can use for neutrient's in appose to store bought products, can you add a few inches of cow manure in a large washed out milk bottle with fresh water shook up is that a nutrient

  6. i dunno i dont thing that would realy work :eek:
  7. it would but your npk would be out of whack... just buy some age old organic bloom or blue mountain organic flower power (ebay) theyre both simple, very effective, and cheap
  8. thank you, +rep

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