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  1. Ok my plants aren't sick at the moment, but on my last crop I got a nasty mite infestation and am trying to prevent those little fuckers from coming back. I sprayed my girls once early in flowering and they are now about 40 days in. Is it to late to spray again? I figure I have at least another 30 days as growth has slowed due to low temps. (which im in the process of fixing right now) Thanks blades
  2. even though neem oil seems to be completely harmless, I wouldnt spray anything on my plants later than week 2 of flowering. I would expect neem oil in bud to make it burn bad and smell/taste like rotten peanuts possibly to a sickening degree.
  3. If you use azamax or a comprable product you should be OK. I have sprayed with azamax later than that with no ill effects. There is some confusion and marketing bs around neem oil products. As best I can understand it is the seed extract that has the real anti-insect properties. The leaf extract isn't as effect but is still sold. I have had the leaf extract (the cheaper stuff) burn the leaves. If I follow the directions for azamax I have not had this problem. Remember, it doesn't kill the insects, it interrupts their bredding ability. That means two or three sprays a few days apart.
    I know it is too late, (hey, been there and done that myself!) but next grow - Start early on with a preventative spray program. Insects, molds, foliar feed

    If you have mites late in flower try a foogger or bomb and spray a product like Konk a little each day, Then harvest and do a real total clean.
    Good luck
  4. I don't have them right now I just never want to see those little bastards again
  5. Hiya I've got mites on plants outdoors really infested!!u where saying neem oil doesn't kill the little fukers,if I use neem oil on them do I have to use something else to kill them outright or do they have a short life sycle the neem is enough.... Cheers....
  6. Are you in flower or veg?
  7. Still in veg
  8. Mighty wash worked good for me. Hurry up and do it before it gets worse. Apply it once then wait a week and do it again
  9. Ok I'm on to it,been spraying with soapy water & garlic but with prevale....
  10. mark
    If you have them (bugs) and are in veg - I would use a pyrethrin spray (not really toxic to mammals) which kills insects on CONTACT (not residual), maybe mixed with a little insecticidal soap; and then an azamax treatment. Kill them and then prevent them. The active ingredient in neem will apparently become a bit of a systemic. There are more heavy duty poisons out there but I prefer a little more natural products and they work as well if you use a regular program, which is what you should be doing do get a succesful crop.
  11. Cheers I grow every yr and never had this prob,time to get ahead of them,I'm not really to fussed about my outdoors,but new yr I'll be growing inside so last thing I want to do is bring pests/decease as well.
  12. What about predator bugs. Like the viscous ladybug
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  14. oh right...yeah I believe ladybugs also eat mites, but they specialize in aphids. I believe there are some predator mites available though that eat nothing but spidermites, might work great
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    Dammit! I didnt want to search.
  16. Lady bugs are awesome,they say if you have Lbugs u know it's healthy.I have a baby pray mantis living on 1 of my mullies, what do u think I should do with it if I spray them,should I put him in a jar untill things are clear cause I'm going to spray neem every where....
  17. damn, jumping spiders are awesome... no webs isnt quite the whole story though - they do spin a thread whereever they go, so as they walk over your plants they are over time coating them with a very fine web, but I doubt thats gonna be noticable on the finished product. besides Im not sure if they actually eat those threads when they come across them again, I know some spiders do. great little recycling pros xD
  18. yes, it needs to be off those plants for at least two days... supposedly neem oil is only dangerous to insects if they get directly sprayed with it, or consume substantial amounts of it, so crawling around on plants with residue on them should be fine.
    put it in a jar and give it some kind of suitable insect to eat and a little water. not sure if and how they consume water in nature (possible dew or by chewing on moss n stuff) other than by eating bugs, but it cant hurt to be sure, it can definitly drink out of a bottle cap if it feels the need to
  19. I have been checking for silk since they have been in there and only found human hair. Been thriving through two cycles. They love sunning on the top fans.
  20. He's right being in veg you can get a little more aggressive. I'm still hesitant about strong pesticides though. They say you can use mighty wash up until 2 weeks to harvest and I did with no ill affects.

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