Question about my stretching plants

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  1. I'm using large CFL's so I kind of expect some stretching between nodes due to lack of light penetration and wattage.
    My question is, aside from running out of room at the top with an "untrained" plant, what is the harm or downside caused from stretching  between nodes during veg? Do buds just turn out better on short plants?
    It seems to me there is more light allowed down below because of this stretch, but I'm a noob so what the hell do I know.

  2. It's just generally not a good idea have a really tall plant with the same amount of buds as a smaller and more controlable plant, plus growing more in a smaller area
  3. Are you saying:
    "'s more for growing in a smaller area"?
    "...growing more buds in a smaller area"?
    Does stretching affect anything health or harvest wise? Or is it more to do with space, equip, personal pref, etc.?
  4. personal pref
    ur huge cola becomes a popcorn branch :yummy:
  5. CFL does next to nothing beyond 6".  If your plant is 12" tall and the lights are 2" above that then only the top 4 inches of the plant are getting effecient light.  the top 2" will get good light, the next two inches will still get usable light.  The rest of the plant will get light of course but it can be compared to a cloudy day.  This is going by an assumption that you are actually using enough light to begin with.
  6. [quote name="bongboi" post="19424586" timestamp="1390950360"]personal prefur huge cola becomes a popcorn branch :yummy:[/quote]This sums it pretty well. Plants that have stretched will also have trouble supporting their own weight

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