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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by strangeir3, May 17, 2004.

  1. I have had a plant for the past 4-5 months. It has been under a 100 wat light bulb, and is watered almost every day. I know we didnt really do the correct instructions for growing, but anyways, it is about 3 feet tall, and has alot of leafs. I am wondering if it will bud. When i see drug busts on tvs, i see plants that are small and the leaves have lots of rigid marks. Well, ours is really tall, and the leaves are begining to look like a real leaf, do you think it will bud? and if so, when? i know we start in like febuary or so. Thanks.
  2. you have to change the light cycle to 12/12(on for half a day, off for half a day)...also are you using halogens?cuz thats a huge no-no

    read up on flowering...many threads on this and also on all grow guides
  3. about how old does the plant have to be before it will bud
  4. Wait until they are roughly 1 ft. (12'') tall or 5-6 weeks whichever comes first, then flower. Seems like you are a bit late if you didnt change the light cycly yet. If not give them a proper funeral....
  5. yeah, i think it is going to die, because it is about 3 feet tall, and i havent flowered it, and it is under a regular 100 wat lightbulb. Its leafs bend down and do not look that healthy, if i were to plant another plant and use a 300 watt lightbulb, and follow the instructions, would it work? because i really dont want to spend 80$ on 1 lightbulb :(

  6. Be sure to make it CFL (compact fluro's). They are the best second alternative and not very expensive. Normal light bulbs wont work. Check out some grow journals in which they used CFL's. Results can be very acceptable, not as good as HPS lighting though...
  7. I am buying some CFL's tomorrow. Do you think if i flower the plant, and put the CFL's in, that the plant will still have a chance to bud?

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