question about my plant (with pictures)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sk all day, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. im having some trouble figuring out what is going on with my plants sex.
    i see that females are supposed to have nice long hairs as so
    and males little seed sprouts like so
    but after 17 nights of 12/12 light cycle my plants just have wierd bumps
    am i just being impatient? are these early signs of male or female? it just seems like they should have turned by now,
    its been in this setup
    jan 3rd-started
    jan 29th-put under 2 100 watt cfl's for a 12/12 light cycle
  2. I would check for light leaks.

    If that's not the case.....what strain is it?

    I've had fems thrown into flower too soon and had them take 20+ days to pop hairs. I've also read about strains that can take 3 months before they pop hairs. Just depends.

    I have a Skunk #1 that will pop hairs in 3-4 days, if the first 2 days are total dark.

    Keep at it, you'll figure it out ;)
  3. Need a better pic of the nodes, your pic is very blurry.

    You plant looks stretched. You say 2 100w CFLs -- I bet you are quoting equivalent watts, which means nothing. If so those are about 25w bulbs, and that's not enough light to flower a plant, which helps explain the stretching. Also, you lights are too far from the plant, which also explains the stretching.

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