Question about my mh/hps light setup...

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  1. ok i got and hps/mh conversion lamp, finally got it hooked up, I tested it and the ballast started humming and the light started out faint and got quite bright. I turned oit of whil i got some other things together for the cab. I tried turning it back on and the ballast is still hummin but it didnt turn on right away. (i left it on and its been few minutes since i checked) is this something to be concerned about?

    also i have jus swtiched over from CFLS. I am using a plastic cab :confused:, the cfls were cooler but that hps got HOT the walls are lined in mylar. on the plus side it is well ventilated by a fan the size of a soccer ball in the lower art fanning the plants and intake and circulating air, I know it works well because I have a topwise fan for exhaust and it could actually move the blades of the exhaust fan without it even being turned on.

    I am little nervous and would appreciate some help ASAP!

    thank you so very much


    Edit:it is on now, but dim and flickerish.....?????
  2. With HID lights, I have found you have to let the bulb/ballast cool down a bit before restarting. My 400 Watt HPS does that.
  3. does that mean i should go unplug it and wait for it to cool down more??? you have any opinion on the cab?


    Btw it is in fact a 400wt hps, but with an MH conversion bulb in iit at the moment...
  4. yeah you have to let hid lights cool.....that hum is normal ..unless it doesnt ever go away ... does it get quieter when the bulb is at operating temp??
    if that cabinet can stay coo then i say COOL :cool:
  5. well i ended up leaving it on and its working great now. im sorry how do I know if it is at operating temp?

    thanks for all the help!!!!!!!(both of you)
  6. hi mate it will be up to temp in about 20-30 mins.
    as for when you turn it off i give mine at least 30 mins to cool down before restarting. it can damage your ignitor if you dont wait.

    cheers good luck
  7. yeah. it can damage the actual bulb too.

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