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Question about my intense cartoon vision. Need help :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deadlock, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Okay so I've been a complete stoner for a year now. I'm from San Diego, CA so I've had some nothing but the dankest. I never got cartoon vision in my entire smoking career until about a month ago when I smoked in Branson, MO. Ever since then I get INTENSE cartoon/2D vision through my entire high and it lasts for a good 2 hours after I smoke. I've been getting it EVERY time I smoke since then and the high is so euphoric that I permanently get stuck in an entirely different universe when I'm high. No sense of time, nothing. But then it mellows out after the initial 2 hours of my day and it goes back to how it used to be before all of the cartoon vision... the worst part is that its so hard to explain to all of my friends and none of them know how it feels. Can anybody help me with figuring out exactly what's going on?
  2. Ha, sounds like you're just smoking dank for the first time. I wish my highs were more like that....:rolleyes:
  3. Yea but its like super scary because nobody I'm ever around has any idea what I'm talking about when I'm like "guys that sunset looks fucking AMAZING! I can see the heat coming off of the sun in vibrant blue and orange waves. All of the trees in front of it are a flat HD surface" haha. Its embarrassing
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    I have also experienced something similar to this, let me explain so me and my friend smoked some dank outta my bond chilled with ice cubes just normal ya know nothing any different from any other day..well we were walking back from the deck to my house to head over to his house next door and for some reason we stop and notice this tiny spider on a bright pink beach towel cause we have a pool and it was hung out to dry and this spider is normal color like light tan-ish and were high just looking at what its doing and it turned swear on my son green like a green I have never saw until now and we both looked around and I fucking kid you not the grass was piss yellow the sky light purple the trees also piss yellow my skin was the same and my friends as well like an acid trip nothing like crazy shit manifesting out of now where but everything were colors they shouldnt be and it happened to us both same time and we were slightly freaked out and after a minute or so it stopped. But the whole HD thing happens almost everytime I smoke and I love it life is perceived at its finest.

  5. I'd believe it dude hah. I've had a huge history of having abnormally psychadelic experience with weed itself so I know what it can do. But why I'm just now getting a completely transformed high is a mystery to me. Sometimes its nice to not trip balls every time I get high hah. I haven't had a normal high in 2 months and its starting to scare me
  6. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities for why it happens to you, what strains you smoke on? How much a day? But honestly I hope you get through that prob man.

  7. It happens on any strain I smoke now. And I smoke all day every day. And thanks I'm trying to find out how to get rid of it hah
  8. Dude I know what you mean. Its like they're cutout pictures as props on a stage. Like I remember I was at a park one time and a bush was standing out as a 2d prop against a backdrop of trees or some shit...and im just like holy shit nothing looks real...Happens whenever I have really good highs hahahaha
  9. You're just high, why would you want to get rid of that? I remember when I first started smoking, everything seemed like a video game. It was cool as fuck.
  10. EXACTLY! Hah. It feels like everything more than 10ft away from me doesn't even exist and that the world is so small and tranquil. And the cartoon vision and everything happens after 1 hit off a joint...
  11. Enjoy it while you still can man. I wish I could get as high as you, just never happens anymore no matter how much I smoke.
  12. Wow, you are the first other person I have seen that has experiences similar to mine. I have also had the ability to fully experience the psychedelic effects of weed. When I first started smoking I got high like everybody else typically did, however over a period of two years, my tolerance has decreased incredibly and changed some how. My body has become so extremely sensitive to weed. It all started after having a crazy experience with potent brownies. I had insane cartoon vision just like you. I thought it was like acid or something. (was more ignorant at the time - still an unreal/trippy experience though) I get out of this world close eye visuals and I can see them with my eyes open in a mildly dark room. Its weird how its almost like tripping, only in its own way.

    Over time, if you keep your tolerance moderate and dont smoke too often, you could probably maintain the psychedelic effects and possibly increase them. Its very weird and unusual but that is just what has happened to me.. At first it scared the shit out of me and I wanted to stop smoking, but eventually you can enjoy it and you will embrace it. I find it awesome, but it is really frustrating when your friends dont understand. They think your am exaggerating and dont believe you when you talk like you are tripping. Every one just thinks I just cant handle being high..

    I have become 100% positive with the fact that I experience something completely different than most.

  13. Holy shit dude YES! My trippy experiences all started after I ate a medicated granola bar and 2 THC pills! Ever since then its gotten more and more intense whenever I smoke. It really does make me want to quit smoking. I don't like feeling like I'm losing my mind every time I get high haha
  14. Wow, i believe there has to be some sort of biological difference with us, in order to get this. Its so unusual and different from how weed effects every body else. (and me before)

    I used to have that thought also. I would delay smoking for a few months and hung out with different friends.. I could not stand getting insanely high off a single hit of weed, to the point where I could not control myself and had insane, trip-like experiences. I was never in a good enough situation to deal with that.

    Somewhere along the way, that changed. I enjoy it and can control it a little better.(my tolerance is still the same though) It probably wont go away for you.. in fact your tolerance may keep getting lower, but it gets real fun.
  15. Once after vaping for my first time, my friends and I were walking all over our town for 5 or 6 hours straight... For the majority of the time, I was looking at the street which has been repaired a lot... so there is a lot of black tar in random spots. I remember seeing it animate and look like a black and white anime cartoon.. ninjas fighting n stuff..
  16. Smoke an 8th then drive Mario Karts high stakes no redos

  17. Yea man. Its really scary knowing that it'll never go away unless I completely bump up my tolerance, which will probably never happen. But the cool this is (and I'm sure you can relate) is that I'll stay high for 3-4 hours off of 3 hits
  18. dude...why would you want to get rid of that? i would love for that to happen, but to answer your question many peoples highs change over a period of time, its probably just simply that, i dont know if this is true or not(dont know to believe it or not wither) but ive heard that people with learning disabilities(that are caused by to much of a chemical being released) sometimes have this happen but i have ADD(pretty bad) and i have always gotten a mild high....probably not true but maybe something to consider
  19. Yeah at this rate of smoking (once or twice a week), its like a reverse-tolerance. However, I wonder if my tolerance would go up if I smoked multiple times every single day. My brain would be fried in the process.

    The abnormally low tolerance is crazy. A single pea sized hit from a homemade waterfall bong, gets me as higher than possible. Sometimes my whole body sort of hurts, because the effects and vibrations are so powerful. My brain is going like a thousand mph and I get extremely disconnected from reality, to the point I forget where I am and what time it is. I feel a lot of the effects till I fall asleep, no matter how long the day.

    I am just extremely thrilled to find someone with similar effects from weed, who understands, proving I am not going crazy. :hello:
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    Wow that is pretty interesting to think about. I might look into that. But to explain why he would want to get rid of that... Being that high is way too powerful and overwhelming to be enjoyed - believe it or not. The experience is most related to the psychedelic category of drugs, only with aspects that make it very brain twisting.

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