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question about my not liking them..but i want some cake right now..bleh...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by igotmunchies, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. ok so ive smoked through a few decent sized pickups since i started smoking a few months say oz and a half..and most of my highs arent very enjoyable. i have a couple laughs esp when im smoking with someone but for the most part, i get a kinda paranoid and i just dont have very happy thoughts.. instead of a good high i get like that preliminary passing out feeling, like im gonna keel over any second. generally, i just dont love getting high, and i always say im not gonna get high anymore.

    oh and it makes me tired as shit. basically knocks me out. if i smoke a j or a bowl, as soon as i sit or lay down im done for and wake up hours later.

    funnny thing is though, i cant stop smoking. i am not addicted cuz i ran out and was fine for for a week or so till i got more... no withdrawl haha... but like, when im sober, the point that i know its in my room just makes me crave it and i still smoke like every other day sometimes i want it more....even though i dont enjoy weed like i thought i would.

    whats up with this? lol
  2. I think these feelings are made worse by the fact that you may expect these "symptoms" every time you smoke. Only advice would be try taking only like, two hits or something or if it makes you tired just smoke a little at night when all your shit's done so when you pass out it's straight. My best highs are from smoking when I know there's nothing else I should be doing.
  3. Let me guess you smoke because you think it cool or something like that. But if you don't like weed don't waste your money on it. Maybe you should try a different dealer if you didn't like the high. Sample a couple of bowls of different shit before you buy a oz.
  4. nah i dont smoke cuz its cool cuz only a couple of my friends do it and my girl just wanted me to try it. (i liked it when i smoked my stuff with her)
    im out of high school not in all that peer pressure so thats not why i smoke lol i live on my own so i just do it now cuz no one can give me crap about it :)

    and i only buy in 1/4 at a time..
    im going to try a new guy though cuz i dont like his shit. a couple people that smoke it say its ok (my uncle has home grown and he liked it) but my girl has more exp and says its kinda crappy.
  5. i get anxiety sometimes and i feel that weed multiplies it.
    im gonna try that though and see if i can just do a little at a time and get more used to it.

    i usually do smoke before bed cuz ill just pas out haha :D
  6. smoke a lot... and do things to boost ur high

    - listen to loud music
    - watch something really funny

    but dont eat... cuz it justs wastes your highs and makes them go down quickerr

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