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question about my grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoke Papers, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    so i've been using a pretty shitty plastic grinder for some time now, and finally decided to invest in an aluminum 4 piece one that has the screen on it to collect kief. i grinded up a gram or two of some dank bud to see if it collected anything and it didn't. how much do you usually have to grind up before you start to see the crystal collect?

    it came with one of those scraper things for the screen but seriously wtf is that for? seems totally useless to me. i put my bud in the grinder, twist it so it grinds up and falls through the holes, and then it's in the chamber below it sitting on the screen, but this doesn't really seem right, how am i supposed to get crystal? i have to turn the thing upside down to get the bud off the screen, so any crystal that's sitting on it would fall out with the bud, no?

    any tips to get maximum kief? :D:smoke:
  2. shake your grinder. you'll probably see a decent yield after a quarter or so.
  3. Shake that shit up and the kief will drop. It's sorta sticky so mine sticks to the chamber.
  4. Depends on your bud. If it is really dry, TONS of shit will fall through. If your bud is somewhat sticky, all the keif will stay with the bud. :wave:
  5. right on, thanks guys. i'll definitely give it a shake next time. if i don't see some decent crystal after a quarter i'll know something's up. the bud isn't too dry, it's a little sticky but when it grinds up some crystal should definitely fall through.
  6. Put a tiny coin in the bud chamber, it helps to shake the kief off. Give it a good shake. If you don't think it's working, shake it above a sheet of paper/your hand. If you see things dropping, it's working :)

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